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to my own beat...

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"Reunited...and it feels SO good!" Come on, sing it with me...


It doesn't matter what room in the rental...I make a "make- shift" studio. It's just time I sew something!

I've hit my breaking point....If I were an egg, I'd be soup on the floor.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (ha, when don't I?!) and I know I tend to get this way (a little grumpy) if I don't sew/create/craft/work...Why did I ever think I could put my business on hold indefinitely? Seriously, why did I pack almost my entire studio in the storage pod? (um.... I wasn't thinking straight!) Maybe I was too worried about Chad's office stuff and all of Arlin Jack's gear?  Well, low and behold I packed what I needed to survive, my sanity.... my entire studio excluding my sewing machine-thank gosh!

I really think I had the magic number "3" in my head, as in 3 least staring at the lack of clothes in my closet that's the number I come up with.

Well, enough is enough. And for myself and the health of my family I'm workin' no matter what!

Anyways, Thursday night was blissful...Arlin was tucked in on time and I went to town sewing....It was like I could breathe again!


little monster love...


reversible bib




I even whipped up some burpies...

I went to the fabric store Wednesday morning while Arlin was in pre phone rings, it's Abby J... she asks what I'm up to... I tell her I'm fabric shopping....I think she said something like

"That-a-girl!'re gonna be just fine!"

It's so true. I can't wait for the perfect time or place to make it happen, I have to just do it, and be mindful that it's going to take time to create my set up like I had back home...after all, we did just pick up and move to a new state. Patience has never been one of my best attributes. But hey I'm working on it, so we're making progress.

Update*** We're moving AGAIN! This time to a little more permanent rental (maybe a 6 month to 1 year lease) Our house is still for sale in Denver....blah,blah,blah...but we agree, it's time to move our storage pods out here to Seattle and stop the financial hemorrhaging, at least a little- those pods are a hefty penny each month. And with our furniture here we can save money on renting an "unfurnished place". The great debate as of today is do we stay in West Seattle and rent, or try yet another neighborhood of Seattle, I'm really leaning towards staying here in West Seattle...I really don't want to move Arlin Jack to another preschool environment before we land him in a Montessori setting. Mind you every move means, a new doctor, a new pharmacy, a new gym, a different grocery store, yada yada yada...these are things you learn as you go I suppose.

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  • Erin Leigh on

    These are really great. I so know what you mean about making. I start to get grumpy after a while if I don’t have my creative outlet.

  • Bonnie Brown on

    Where did you get that fabric?!!! That is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My little boy loves monsters & I love to sew :)

  • lacy on

    Oh so cute! You find the best fabrics… I’m looking for a yellow and white stripe or chevron pattern to recover a chair in my living room. If you ever see anything or have fave fabric spots would you mind pointing me in the right direction??? Good luck with the move… oh how I know how moving all the time feels. Just think a new place to decorate!

  • abby jane on

    well that all sounds promising. good job doing! i have a lot of faith in you!

  • Arlin's Mimi on

    Awesome that you are back up and running! Can you believe I just saw this post…..I’m slackin!

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