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road trip to Oregon...


Ahh the beautiful beach. How's this for a change in scenery!?


Astoria is everything I imagined it to be and more. The town is super quaint, their streets lined with little shops, a downtown historic theatre, scattered pubs and one ah-mazing coastline.
"Goonies" house

Above: the house from the movie "Goonies"... one of my all time fav's as a kid, so of course we had to map it on our i-phones. To our surprise this year celebrates the 25th anniversary and a big celebration is scheduled for this coming weekend (darn we missed it by a week) the entire cast is coming back for the festivities...

catchin' crabs (or crab shells I should say) with Arlin Jack.

when pinchers meet pinchers!

a major highlight of the trip was watching Arlin Jack reunite with his buddy Palmer Sioux, they picked up right where they left off making Abby and I both realize just how much we miss play dates for these guys.

the gang, Kiko, Abby, Elysia and the boys walking back from the beach for dinner...We got to meet Abby's parents, what generous folks! (a suiting extension of Abby J.- I love putting faces to the names I hear in stories) They fed us yummy food just about everyday we where there-so unexpected, but well received :) thank you, thank you!

of course a swan pose had to be captured.

at the tip of a drift wood log a squeal was let out as I tumbled off into the sand, luckily Molly got the shot, cause I wasn't about to try it again.

Arlin was mesmerized by the biggest "sandbox" he'd ever seen


Our vacation condo was a perfect match and far better than a hotel could have ever been... an ocean view, comfy beds and all the amenities one needs for a stay away from home (especially with a 2 yr.old in tow!) We'll be coming back for sure.

sand dollars galore

Sand dollars by the's been awhile since I've seen these guys.
Gearhart Oregon

sitting on our balcony smelling that familiar salty water breeze while enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a brisk morning is exactly my idea of a weekend getaway.

It melts my heart to think one day we'll be lucky enough to be nearby Palmer, Abby and Kiko again! Yep, I think they might just be headed to Astoria in the near future.

Auntie Molly and the Captain got plenty of play time in...he LOVES her!!! (forget Mama when Auntie Molly's around!)

We're back home and unpacked- well, I'm unpacked and repacking...I'm off to California this Friday. Shhhh...Can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting on an airplane without the baby! Away from the constant jibber jabber... maybe I'll read a book, maybe take a nap, mmm-or enjoy a glass of wine and not worry about "snacks,milk,blankies,etc.?! Ah, so looking forward to it. Although I'm sure, as always, I'll be missing Arlin like crazy the second day never fails.


  • abby jane

    thanks so much for coming down. we are still getting grounded here! love your pictures too! good work lady. . . xo

  • spindelmaker

    What beautiful pictures! I could almost smell the salt in the air. It looks like you had a great weekend. And the place is just beautiful.

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