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beyond busy...

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I'm alive...promise. I miss blogging...and my sleep.

As most of you know we moved yet again. This last week. Loving our new three story house and's so cute. We're now walking distance to a barrage of antique stores, coffee shops, restaurants and art stores (oh no) Here's a picture of the house....

Really loving the layout for us...1st floor entry to my art studio (the window that looks out to this landscape) a full bath, laundry room and another guest bedroom. 2nd floor has large living room with balcony, formal dining room, kitchen with bar counter top-open to the family room, a fireplace, 1.5 bath and hardwood floors...3rd floor dual master set up both with balconies... And my favorite details- a dog run and an oversized garage perfect for our stuff :) It's about the same square footage as our home in Denver....but feels so much bigger,the layout provides way more "usable" space, well, that and I have my OWN studio....that has a door I can (and most certainly will) shut and craft away...this makes me very happy!

California was an awesome trip. I got off the plane Friday and instantly was like.."oh, geez, where are my sunglasses?!" I've forgotten how crazy that California sunshine can be! It was in the upper 80's all weekend, needless to say my jeans and boots never left my suitcase.Very proud of my little sister, who graduated Rosary High School...she's now off to Woodbury University with a out world this gal's gonna move mountains, such a kind hearted young lady. Here's a picture of me and my two sisters at Kaitlin's graduation Saturday...

and some pictures I took of Kaitlin's graduation party at the house on Sunday...


Shel's yummy cupcakes, going to try her secret recipe soon!


Kaitlin & Daniel

IMG_2373 of the cutest dogs ever...her eyelashes are like a cartoon, SO long they look fake!


Dad & Kait...

me and one of my most favorite gals in the world, my grandmother Ruby. She gave me this awesome charm bracelet.

She had worn this bracelet everyday from the age of 25 to 83 collecting charms on every travel her and my grandfather went on...It's gorgeous and I feel so honored to be the eldest of sisters to enjoy it first :)

O.k. I'm off to the gym...happy Sunday.

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  • kaaboom on

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  • spindelmaker on

    How absolutely awesome that bracelet is! It says quite a bit about how cool your Grandma is! It´s such a brilliant idea! Myself I collect little things for my christmas-tree, and it´s always a joy to unpack the ornaments and remember the time I was in this or that country. But to wear the reminders everyday, is just way cool! Tell your grandma she has a fan in Norway!

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