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Not actually a secret...Ha, no I'm not pregnant (Arlin really is a limited edition) And no, I'm not joining another roller derby team...

When you get a phone call (on the day that you're moving into a new house)  that your hubby is broken down on the side of the road on his way to the airport for a business day trip meeting...the "coolness" of owning a vintage, fancy, 1988 E 28 M5 (I only know the exact name of this dandy car because I've heard my husband tout it a thousand times!) becomes SO not "cool!" With the car towed back to the new house and a long faced hubby in his spiffy business suit...

It was time to have a little talk about our current car situation. We thought we'd downsize when we moved to Seattle by selling our Audi wagon and head out with my Jeep and hubby's BMW. Obviously we are now second guessing that decision. I wouldn't say I won the car conversation but I think I steered us in the right direction....The talk went something like this;

Me: "Babe, I know you love your bmw, but maybe the timing is just not right for us to own such a high $ maintenance car being a family and all..."

Hubby: "If you're asking me to get rid of my beamer, the answer is...NO, period. We're a three car family, that's just the way it is."

Me: "So...what are we going to do then? How much is the bmw gonna cost to fix?!"

Hubby: "6,000K I'll ship it back to Colorado and have Joel do the work, but it's still gonna cost a lot, I think the clutch is blown among other things."

Me: "Gulp!...."

Hubby: "I know, I was thinking we'd just buy another car with the money from the Audi, I know it's not much, but you said you wanted a "greener" car, something more economical as an everyday driver, something that's gets better gas mileage....So, I thought we'd get another BMW, say a 1980's 325i?"

Me: "WHAT?!" What's wrong with you?! We have a broken down "beeea-mer" in the damn drive way! Why in the *beep* would we buy another beater car that's not reliable right now???!

Hubby: "Yeah, you're prolly right well lets do some research and see what we can come up with..."

After a little brainstorming this is what we agreed upon...


2010 Honda FIT


It's brand new. A lease (something we've never done before) It's gonna cost less per month than a single dinner out would, seriously it's comical how inexpensive it is-which I think is awesome. The down payment was less than what we sold the Audi for so it's safe to say given that we are a 3 car family (whether I like it or not) This car will be RELIABLE! Other perks, it gets 27 miles to the gallon in the city and 35 on the freeway (which makes me very happy considering what the Jeep is costing us as my everyday driver) it got a five star crash rating, I don't have to break my back getting Arlin into the car and I can actually parallel park it downtown!

More good news. Hubby was afforded a moving allowance greater than we had ever accounted for, his company really is good to us. Whew. Also, our first storage pod lands this it is my entire art studio! feels like Christmas is coming!

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  • Arlin's Mimi on

    Too cute…..well not as cute as the Captain, but cute!!!! Still four wheels, but at least not on your feet :)

  • abby jane on

    almost as cute as my scion :) the gas milage can’t be beat! i was on the edge of my seat waiting and i can never guess what a surprise with you would be. . . i didn’t have a clue! love and miss you mucho xo

  • Papa on

    Technically I had suggested a late model (1994) BMW e30 325is, but hey, who’s counting :)

    Kinda crazy when the cost of repairing my clutch amounted to a down-payment and few months rent on a new Honda!

    Ha, at least its kinda mean looking.

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