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mornin' music...

I love these guys and their energy... I can't help but blast my i-pod when it comes on...and spin around in my pajamas with a cup a coffee...my little guy joins in and starts stompin' and clapping :).

[youtube a2N8s6cQzFg]

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (this song is from the "Up From Below" 2009 album


  • abby jane

    love them thanks for sharing will have to get them soon!

  • abby jane

    ok so i’m mopping listening to this song on my ipod and crying. . . hehe. . . in a good way

  • Becca

    Looks like a lot has been going on over by you! I love your new house, it looks awesome. And that bracelet that your grandma gave you is so awesome! What a cool thing to be able to pass on!

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