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Yes...I'm alive and well. Been overwhelmed just living, being a Mama and enjoying the SUNSHINE! It's absolutely crazy here, the sun comes up around 6:30am and it doesn't go down till like 9 :30 at night, makes it so hard to wanna go to bed at a decent time!

It's obvious with our house not selling in Denver that we're 'prolly going to be "renters" for sometime till we get our savings back in tact from this venture. It's all good though and we couldn't have picked a better neighborhood to land in than where we are now (it's kinda of refreshing to rent- I think anyways) So...with the delivery of our first storage pod, Omg I can't believe how much "stuff" we have, this has been a valuable learning lesson, hindsight we should have done so many things differently with this move. I would have gotten rid of SO much of this "stuff" instead of housing it $$ in storage over these last six months, we caught ourselves saying "why did we save this and this?" on more than one occasion this last weekend. Oh, and remember these vacuum saver storage bags I was so excited about? Yeah-never going to use these again- all linens had this really awful plastic-y chemical smell, it took laundering things multiple times to rid the funk?! Oh well, you live and you learn- anyone moving? let me know if you need help!

But Anyways...I've been tickled pink to nest in my new studio space...I'm not even close to being organized or totally unpacked but working on it a couple hours a needs some color on the walls! Here's a peek...

studio 01

studio 02

studio 03

studio 04

Mind you nothing much has gone on the walls, that will change VERY soon (like today :))  I'm beyond thrilled to have my own space to create!

P.S. today is a double post day...I have more to share...busy girl.

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  • Erin Leigh

    Love this space! great light. so clean + incluttered… i have some purging to do…

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