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baby steps?

I've been hesitant to blog about running or anything at all about the working out I've been doing...for fear I'll jinx the progress I've been making. For anyone that knows me, I don't ever say I'm going to do something and not follow through with it. I don't give up, in fact if something becomes difficult or challenging for me it makes me determined wanting whatever it is all the more.

Remember these days when I was training for the Boulder Marathon? Then this happened :( I've been on a mental hiatus with all of it. Life has seemed too busy to even begin figuring out what I thought happened. Instead I relied upon a single podiatrist, who told me some people just aren't built to run. The desire and the passion to run and finish a marathon has never gone away for me. In fact, lately it feels intensified...

I think meeting Michelle Allen in person at Artfest, (you know,the gal who inspired me to start routinely running in the first place) and connecting that she was actually a "real" person and not just a blog figure I'd been following...I don't know it's hard to explain without sounding silly...but I admired Michelle and her determination to get 'er done, now she's got eight or nine Marathon's under her wing and another one coming up this weekend in Seattle...and to think she has WAY more stacked on her plate (with her business) than I do. Well, that's living proof for me- and the ultimate inspiration. It totally bummed me out that I couldn't even run with her in the mornings while we were at Artfest (after we had talked about the possibility of us running a race together in the past) all because of my, no, not my foot but my darn knee, same side as my healed foot, it was acting up every time I ran, swelling up and achey for days after each run. Telling Michelle I couldn't run didn't settle well with me and I've been chipping away at the problem ever since I got home from Artfest this last March.

For starters, I've been journaling what I think I can do to be healthier...for instance; I should 'prolly eat at least three meals a day. And maybe try drinking some more water, duh! I've been talking to my doctor, runners I've met here in Seattle, been researching the feedback of orthotics- the pro's and cons and even dabbling with the theory of barefoot running (no, you won't see me running barefoot or in those funny Evo rubber booty toe thingy's- sorry they look really weird) but they do have a few unarguable points in my opinion. My body tells me the orthotics are just not right for me. They hurt, I can't get past this so called grace period the doctor in Denver told me they'd have...and quite frankly I think the orthotics are the culprit for my knee and hip pain. (there was the theory on the table that a past roller derby knee injury of mine was a reoccuring pain, but I don't think that's the case 'cause it would have flared up as a problem the first time around training...yah,no?!)....Anyways, the Denver doctor not only made me these elaborately chunky (outdated) orthotics but he put me in a "built-out" New Balance stability running shoe, basically over correcting a problem that might not have ever been there if I didn't train too hard too fast...o.k. there I said it! I'll admit I wanted to run a marathon SO badly when I was training for Boulder that I pushed myself too hard too soon. Not to mention I had a trainer that over fed my competitiveness and kept up-ing the annie on my training regiment, leading me to fracture my third metatarsal bone in my left foot...I'm sadly confident in saying I was doing almost everything wrong back then with total newbie blinders on.

After a trip to West Seattle Runner, a husband wife team who are very knowledgeable runner's themselves (very helpful) were able to hear my saga story, look at my arches and watch me walk/run both barefoot and in a gamut of different types of running shoes. Just by looking at my current  shoe/orthotic set up they asked if I was having knee pain on my left would have thought I was sitting in the chair of a psychic, I almost had tears of joy. It was like someone was telling me there's hope I'd run again. They nailed it right away, wrong fitting orthotics accompanied by a stability running shoe can; over correct. Meaning shift my running stance creating force/weight pounding to the inside of my knee..........which is exactly where my pain was!

I walked out with new running shoes; Asics Gel Nimbus and balega socks these are better than my thorlos socks by far.



I tested my new running shoes on both a 5 mile tread-mil run at the gym and a 5 mile run around our new neighborhood, up by the junction and I'm ah-mazed....knock on wood, cross your knee pain, none, zilch. I didn't change out inserts, I didn't wear my PT knee band on either run and I surely didn't wear the orthotics and the new the shoes just felt right. Way lighter than my last pair, I could actually feel the mid and forefront parts of my feet while striking, I almost found myself able to correct my posture as I went-cause I could actually feel my feet (what a novel idea)....I'm hopeful this really means I'm back in the game. Although, I'm promising myself I'm going take it slow this time around and start first and foremost by being happy that I can run again without pain. :)

However, it just wouldn't be Tyler to not sign off with me telling you all...I will run a Marathon! (I just have to train smarter)


  • Ceola Bisanz

    Thank you for your good story, I will be back here again for your update!

  • Arlin's Mimi

    You go girl!!!!!!! So happy to hear you are able to run again and hopefully if you progress slowly it will be without a single hiccup.

  • abby jane

    you should try life force. . . my friend is trying to get me to sell it but there is a bone and joint on that i bet would help your joints and bones be strong enough for running. Also epson salt soaks AFTER running. . . (cool or cold on your feet and even whole body!)

  • Erin Leigh

    That is fabulous news Tyler! That is amazing that they diagnosed your problem so quick. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. You’ll be running with Michelle next year. I love, love love your new house. I’m drooling over it. so fun.

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