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tyler larsen

Got my hair done before the was time for a change, bye,bye red...

I almost let Elysia cut it all off and maybe even hack me some bangs...but quickly decided the bangs were prolly not the best idea considering I'm running again, that, and I've never been able to leave them down, they always end up pinned back...Anyways, I went all one color. I know, right, crazy eh? It's funny it feels SO new to's like all the crazy colors I've put in my hair the last several years has become "normal"...and now to rock a dark chocolate color all over seems so new wave for me. ha. But the time has come for me to face my graying hair- ugh. It's so true, I don't think I'm graying...shoot, it's bypassing gray and coming in all white in the front!

Loved the weekend, we went garage sale surfing around West Seattle, saw a lot of cool stuff but nothing we needed. We walked up and checked out the local Farmers Market...hubby bought some farm raised beef and fresh jalapenos to make us some spicy burgers, yum! Sunday I 'prolly over did it with a run while Arlin was napping, in fact, I know I over did it...I ran 7.5 miles (oops). But literally I couldn't stop running, I was down by the water watching the boats go by and sucking in the sunshine along with my music...I remember why I love running so much. It's my escape from "mommy-wife" ville where the sounds are sometimes all a blur (love you guys but Mama needs- "Mama time"!)

Yesterday I went in to West Seattle Runner, to give Lori a BIG thanks. I almost teared up on her...just so amazed that these new shoes seem to be working their magic allowing me to run without pain. I also picked up a couple more pairs of Balega socks along with this new running skirt it's pretty spiffy. Never thought I'd run in a skirt, but I'm not all about shorts bunching up in the inner thigh region (if you know what I'm saying) maybe you don't have this problem?! :)

Been busy sewing...working on a special project for a baby boy, binding goes on today during the Captain's nap pics later.

Oh, I almost forgot...Look at cutie patootie (Brooke Joann) rockin' her owl onesie!

babyluxdesign owl applique

Got this picture from her Momma...oh, I love me some baby cheeks!

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  • Arlin's Mimi on

    That baby is gorgeous!

  • Leslie on

    Great Web page. Really liked reading through it. Subscribed to your rss feed so keep those updates coming.

  • abby jane on

    love you girl! i need to run! i’m busy cleaning up poop and pee today UGH!!! it’s rough being a mom!

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