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I painted a silhouette in one of my favorite colors over the weekend...see the deer on the left? Then I had to paint a silhouette of our frenchie "mr. otis" see him? mustard in the middle :)..and well lets just say the inspiration to create this collage morphed from there.

babyluxdesign picture collage

All these collected trinkets, photography from friends and art from us...they've have never really had a home...but they do now!

painted deer silhouette

painted french bulldog

mini violin

a mini violin, hubby's, given to him by his pops when he was younger. I had to get crafty and modify a wire hanger for it, wouldn't want to nail it, that wouldn't be good.

tiffany bubble wand

Arlin Jack's tiffany bubble wand (hysterically cool right?!) from uncle marco and aunt sarah...I just couldn't part with the color of the box lid so I modified it to hang it.

watercolor deer on bookpage

remember this? had to make one of my own...I reversed the deer silhouette in watercolor on a torn out diary page then mounted it on a canvas I painted a charcoal gray.

mixed frame/canvas collage

I just love walking through this space's funky, it creates movement on what was once a barren wall...and most's totally us.

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  • spindelmaker on

    What a great idea! Or should I say, great ideas! I´ve had a couple of framed collections in my staircase: one family-collage and another with framed posters of the biggest shows I´ve worked on. (Since I just painted, I given them some free time off) I love that you have incorporated things as well, like the bubble-wand and the violin, it makes it even more interesting. Oh, and I adore your diary-deer!

  • jenn on

    What a great idea! And a treat to walk past everyday. My mind is racing with possibilities….

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