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summer time

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still having fun with my camera

Summer blazed right in last week with mid ninety degree weather...time to break out the camera, take the top of the jeep and head to the beach (well what seattle folks think of as the beach:))

telling me a story about a crab

Mama & Arlin Jack

supercharged!!! and ready to rock

after Jacker's first ever popsicle (a firecracker) he was supercharged and ready to rock...we enjoyed some local live jams at West Seattle summerfest

an original painting we bought yesterday, love it!

we even took home some original artwork that we are re in love very talented Kim McCarthy of UrbanSoule you can read her about her inspiration for the piece on her blog.

Arlin's kiddie pool

and lucky for us we found the last kiddie pool on shelf at target...perfect size for the top floor balcony :) I might say a perfect way to end a 96 degree day!

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  • spindelmaker on

    Seems like a great day! Lovely artwork you found! It´d be fun to work with stencils like that… Do you use stencils for your textiles?

  • abby jane on

    cool painting! hot day in seattle! it’s in the 90’s here with no sign of stopping (yuck)

  • Megan on

    That picture of you and Arlin in the stroller is absolutely precious!!! Love the way he looks at his mama!!!

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