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i'm here!

Busy bee, that's me. Had a lovely week visit from my Mom wrap up yesterday. Arlin and I both cried the whole ride home after dropping her off to the airport, still don't know why we ever have to say goodbye, I'm not getting any better at it either.

Mimi & Arlin Jack

O.k. so what have I been up to?! Lots. I don't even know where to start so I'll just ramble as it comes to mind. First, a crazy story...while playing in the alley with Arlin's new strider bike, with the Hub and my Mom our neighbor directly across the alley way from our house opens his gate to take the his trash out. Hub had been eager to catch our neighbors at some point to introduce ourselves as the new neighbors and most importantly mention we also had a French Bulldog :)...and that we should hang and let the pups play. As the hub was doing the hello's the guy, said he's name was "Chip"

"Oh, bummer we're moving out tomorrow."

As he walked back through his gate it hit me like a ton of bricks I knew him from somewhere. But where? I sat there mumbling to myself all the possibilities...then all the sudden I knew exactly who I thought? he was. I shared with my Mom and hub, they we're like, well...go, go.

"Go ask if it's him!"

Me: "Excuse me,"(peeking through the fence) "Hi, sorry, don't mean to bug you but did you and your wife use to live in San Diego, in Poway actually?"

Chip: "Yes."

Me: "Don't know if you remember me..."

Chip: "Oh my gosh...totally, yeah. Tyler."

Long story short, cause I'm no so good at relaying any type of impromptu conversation, especially one as crazy as this. Chip and Kerry, "Cherry" as I used to call her used to be my neighbors back in San Diego. We had late night hang outs and talked about everything from music to politics, and good name it. They had a beautiful little girl named Enna who was about 4 yrs. old  at the time (who is now a strikingly beautiful 13yr. old young lady so polite & cute!) Anyways, our days of hanging out ended when they announced they were moving to North Carolina. Sad to see them go...I helped them lighten their load by buying a bunch of retro furniture from them, which ironically, before meeting them again almost 10 years later in the alley way, I was shopping in a local antique mall with my Mom (two days earlier) and I saw one of the chairs from the set I had bought from Chip and Kerry...I pointed it out to my Mom..."remember this chair...I bought from..."

How crazy! Chip and Kerry moved to North Carolina, didn't find it a place they could call home so they headed to Portland after about 18 months, then for some reason or another landed in Seattle a couple years later. They had lived in a handful of places throughout the Seattle area before moving here- right across the street from us! And they are  did(I almost shed a tear with saying this) move back to California. Chip and Kerry are the exact type of people I'd hope for the hub and I to meet out here. Chip, is computer geek like hub and writes code, Kerry is a fellow crafter extrodinaire/fasionista, they have two kiddies, one near Arlin's age.......AND they have a french bulldog!!!!

Oh, so sad!!! We hung out that night and marveled  over how weird it was...had I never said excuse me....they would have moved and I'd never know if it was Chip and Cherry... Uh, so weird, what do they call that, seven degrees??? of what? Bacon?!

Chip & Kerry- make sure you let us know when you've landed in Cali! We miss you guys already!

next rambling...

Garmin 310xt  I know right? I play with the big kids! I really didn't intend to buy this model of Garmin, but after tons of research and trying all the Garmin watches on at REI. I just couldn't buy the 305 (the one I set out to get) it hurt my wrist SO bad with the way it's shaped, and just like that the hub stepped up and bought me the 310xt...

"you deserve it babe...oh, and happy birthday"

My birthday isn't until September but I'll take it!  :)This watch is crazy cool and has about every function you could wish for in a training watch. So, training. Yes, I've been running, and running and loving the fact that I'm able to run pain free. Loving it SO much I've been afraid to blog about it, thinking for some crazy reason I'd jinx myself. I'm running 4 times a week and feeling great. I'm training for the Bellingham Bay 1/2 Marathon in 66 days. (woo hoo!)

And big time shocker...the hub is running it with me! He is doing great with a training program he picked out, his lost 9lbs already...very, very proud of him!

I know I have tons more to say...but gotta go run, I'll be back later!


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  • michelle allen

    sweet Garmin!!! i love mine! great job on your 5k!!! schmolly fast :) glad you’re running again!

  • spindelmaker

    You have the most extra-ordinary things happening in your life. Like with the neighbors, I mean. I´m sorry the left, hopefully the new ones will be great too :-)

  • abby jane

    i know, not enough hours in the day to do it all! keep up the good work, thanks for keeping me in the loop. i’m trying to manifest some stuff and figure out how to make it happen :)

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