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pup tent

because every Frenchie deserves a Pup-tent!


Poor Otis' crate got a little banged up bent with our move, it was used as a stacker in the u-haul (no pup was injured- he rode back seat with Jacker's) But banged up or not I've always thought his crate was an eye sore. I've had my eye on this, but I just can't justify $545 bucks right now...maybe x-mas otis!

pup tent!
My Mom and and I got more than a few chuckles starting this project while she was here. We broke out my serger machine- one that my mum so generously handed down to me (the "one" I've been so afraid of using?!)  After digging through my scrap fabrics I sketched out a design idea for the magic pup tent on a piece of paper. I think that's when the laughing began...

Mom said something like "Um...don't you think the fabric drop door is a bit "over-kill??"

Together we only managed to finish the back, sides and top...The rest I finished up last night...what'd you think about that Mom? Ha! :) The roll up door is a red and cream color print that says "woof-bark-woof,woof!" it's pretty ridiculous.

pup tent drop door

Otis loves it! As I was measuring for the door opening he totally knew I was sewing something just for him. He sat at my feet till I finished and he couldn't get in his crate fast enough to check out his new digs.

Working on another sewing project to come if I don't get swamped with the fam this weekend. I've tacked on over 15 miles running this week and have a long run scheduled tomorrow around Lake Union...hope the weather is as fantastic as it was today...

Happy Friday!


  • Kristen Hehl

    I love this! Any instructions on how to make this would be wonderful!

  • Arlin's Mimi

    You did a fantastic job………looks awesome!!! That is one lucky puppy.

  • jenn

    Love the Pup-Tent… and can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

  • Zachary Raetz

    Loved it, thanks.

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