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run, sew, sleep, repeat...

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Yes, run, sew, sleep and repeat. Oh, and take pictures of pretty flowers...


orange lily


and some pictures of Jacker pants having fun at the park...

yellow rose

red flowers

and more pretty flowers all around our neighborhood and in our yard too.

more hydrangea

bee sting 

followed by the Jacker's first ever..."bee sting!" doom, doom, doom...Um, yeah. I don't think I'll be forgetting the screech he let out from across the park any time soon, made both the hub and I run. Poor guy.

the stinger 

the culprit.

funny the next morning when I asked Jackers about his boo boo, he said " yah I got a boo-boo on my head" I corrected him and told him, no, you got a bee sting on your hand..."yeah, I gotsa' sting right here he holds up the wrong finger, on the wrong hand." ha.


A shower curtain for our guest's been years since we've lived somewhere we'd need a shower curtain. And after a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Marshall's, Ikea and anywhere else I'd guess to find a median priced shower curtain, I came to the conclusion I would be making one myself.

the beginning

I couldn't resist emailing my mom a sneak peek over the weekend, and thankful I did, cause she fore warned me to stabilize the top with additional fabric or some sort of stabilizer so that it would hang right after I finished the grommet/button holes that the rings go through.

I thought I was onto something in my head...lots of color, pattern and a raw flange layered look...nope. Not gonna work. It was all those descriptive things and it was TOO much!

the finished shower curtain

I opted for a plain border, call me boring, I just prefer simplistic. I doubled up on the fabric and put stabilizer in between, and the sewn button holes on my machine worked marvelously. First time I've ever used this foot/function on my machine, I was pretty impressed with how professional it looked. Best part about this project is the tan fabric is an was one of two window drapery panels (one in which is stained with who knows what from moving?! and unusable) so I put the other to use here by railroading the panel for the body of the shower curtain.


and look what came in the mail! It's going in the bathroom!


7 miles on Saturday average moving pace between 8:40-9:11 minute miles felt a little slow on the last couple was hot and I could feel my face getting sunburnt.

4.6 miles was scheduled to be an "easy" run...I'm learning I don't know what easy means. I put on my i-shuffle, and run, and days I say..."don't look mr. garmin" just enjoy your run...I end up running faster than when I look at it?!

Sleep: Wow running makes me sleepy. But it's such a great sleepy feeling...For the first time ever I took a nap today (when jacker's took his) Face down on the couch, open mouthed 'prolly drooling all over the place for all I know...totally passed out! Sorry Abby I saw you called...Call you tomorrow, miss you! xo

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  • spindelmaker on

    How fun to make ones own shower curtain. They look great!
    I did the same a couple of years ago too. I made mine of an old silk sari, but used a regular plastic curtain as backing. It makes the room look so much more personal. And your Save our seas-picture matches just perfectly! Very cute!

  • Arlin's Mimi on

    Love the simpler top………..excellent choice of fabrics.

  • Shelly Massey on

    Loved seeing all the photos! And the bee story (sorry Jack!) and the shower curtain!

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