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collage painting...

collage painting

A painting I started yesterday...mmm, another "in the works"... I do wonder why I have to have multiple projects going at one time...although, I know all you crafty pals out there are the same way too, right? Btw, Sharpie paint pens rule, I clearly do not have enough of them...I'm on the hunt for some more colors.

O.k. check these pictures I snapped in the car with my i-phone, the clouds...are so pretty they look like fluffy waves!
downtown seattle

And would you believe me if I told you it was 9 o'clock at night?! Yep, sun makes for LONG days around here, I love it, but I stay up way TOO late.
seattle before sunset 9pm

as I got closer to 1st avenue the waves multiplied

seattle before sunset 9pm

west seattle bridge
coming over the West Seattle Bridge, it was about 9:15pm and the sun was finally setting...

sunset from west seattle bridge
makes for a pretty ride home :)

*Running: today I had speed intervals scheduled; 8x's 400 meters with 100meter jog in between (8:05 pace first 4 then kicked it up each interval and finished with a 6:48 pace- whew.) These are kick but, my legs are sore. I finished with upper body lifting then sat in the sauna for a bit...helps me loosen up for some good stretching when I get home.

Oh...before I sign off, I have to share 'prolly one of the sweetest moments I've had with Jacker's in a while... this afternoon he was snuggled up on my lap and we were about to read a book and he leaned back and said "Mama, you my best friend." omg-gosh can I just tell you how that warms my heart! Ah, all warm and fuzzy...that's my guy!


  • Shelly Massey

    That Jack moment is just the sweetest! Oh my goodness, that is too adorable.

    Love the painting in progress… I seem to have a zillion things going at once, but the good news is that when one thing needs to sit, there’s always something else to do.

    Missing the long, long summer days of the northwest… glad you’re getting to enjoy them though. :)

  • abby jane

    awe, palmer has recently started telling kiko and i we are his best friend too. . . it is the sweetest thing ever!

    i have nothing creative going, except how to get creative about change, so keep it up. i gotta get back on the ball. . .

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