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wall art & international art swap...

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studio wall art


  • approximately 6ft of martha stewart twill tape ( used 3/4" here) you can find Martha Stewart stuff at Joann's, Walmart, or Michael's Craft store...just to name a few- that lady's everywhere these days!
  • 6 clothesline pins...(these can be found at a $dollar store, or target, or any drug store)
  • 6 polaroid pictures you like ( I used 6 of jacker pants as a wee bittle) and....
  • 2 push tacks

= Cute (inexpensive) wall art for my studio

Now onto the international art swap...yesterday morning over a cup of coffee I signed up for an International Craft Swap hosted by Paper & Clouds and Me and My 2 Guys! I encourage you to stop on by one of their crafty blogs and sign up for the fun...but do it sooner than later cause you must enter by August 8th to participate.

milk duds...(this is random I know) but remember my confession I shared with all of you about the love/hate relationship I share/d with Milk Duds?!? I'm perturbed to share I'm missing a tooth as I type this blog.

yep, missing a very expensive porcelain crown. well, I have the crown here next to a ziploc baggie- wha? tmi? :)

I know, I know, I've said it a thousand times before, but that's it I'm done. we're through. finished. finito'!

you HEAR me Mr. Milk Duds???


Wish me luck, I'm going to the dentist Thursday...I despise going to the dentist.

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  • jenn on

    Great idea for the wall art. (Is that a polaroid of him holding a polaroid? priceless…) Thanks for the plug on the swap. And good luck at the dentist. I’m recovering from “endodontic surgery” (don’t ask), that resulted in an infection (really, don’t ask) and a second round of stitches in my gums. Milk Duds send shivers down my spine right about now.

  • Arlin's Mimi on

    Cool art idea………..ouch on the crown :(

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