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5k race...

I ran my 1st official race as an adult. Chad and I got up early yesterday morning and headed out to Redmond for the Foot Zone 5K. Wow. I was really surprised at the amount of talent packed into this small event. There were 418 bibbed racers, a lot of whom looked professional. And after surfing the names on the race result roster...it's confirmed there were quite a few elite runners present. (especially in my age division! :))

The details:  I took place at the 8:00 minute mile marker line up behind the start line. Of course I was totally second guessing myself. I felt super intimidated by the pack of people around me, which were mostly men. It was cold, misty n' damp and I felt stiff. I had only taken a couple of laps around the parking lot after we registered. Chad snapped a picture of me here then he pushed Arlin in the jogger back to the 10 minute mile marker. (I am very proud of the hub- he did a great job! and set his own new best pr at 28:17)
at the start line foot zone 5k race

Flattering picture I know right? I'm trying to work out a kink in my right hip adductor... who's the kid in the blue behind me? ha. (he's only 23 yrs. old and he only beat me by 53 seconds!) O.k. o.k. so how did I do? The gun fired and I lunged into a sprint, a hefty sprint for about a quarter mile, then I realized I wasn't playing it smart nor was I using any control. I backed off a bit and sunk a little as the fast pack flashed by me. I was alone there was no one to pace me...no one pushing me. It was really weird I felt very alone in the race, you start out in a sea of fish then all the sudden you're looking for a buddy...someone to run with! I looked down at my Garmin and my average pace was 7:08 minutes...I thought I was hanging in there and I was feeling proud knowing I'd beat MY personal best and really that's all that mattered. The course was 2 butterfly laps through the Redmond Town Center, sorry but it was an extremely lack luster course, I felt like I was running figure eights lined with sights of suburbia-ick.

Last bend I turned and could see the finish line I tried sprinting the rest of the way. I crossed the finish line and the clock read;


It was my new best personal 5k time...and I was giddy knowing inside....I can do better than that. (and I will someday soon)

Stats:  I placed 17th out of 69 women in my age division (30-39 yrs.) I placed 53rd out of a total of 213 women. This was a Co-ed race, out of 418 participants I finished 160.


Post Race:  post banana...I'll take it! This was my first real race experience. And although my goal ahead is a half marathon (Bellingham Bay) and full marathon (possibly the Eugene Marathon who know's maybe it's too far out on the calendar and I'll get impatient and find another race) I"m thinking I'll be sporadically be adding 5k's into the mix of my training...it keeps my competitive soul fueled...

So, you're gonna see a new column to the right side of my blog...I'll be linking some runner's blogs I frequent for inspiration. Don't get me wrong, this is the "Baby Lux Blog" and the majority of the time I will writing about ALL things "crafty"...but running is consuming me at the moment (yay, I'm running pain free!) and I'd feel a little lost if I couldn't share it all with you.

P.S. I'll save the details for a whole 'nother post (I think it's a pretty neat story)...but below is a snapshot of my feet this morning...yes, I'm eating humble pie for my "I'll never be caught in a pair of Vibram Five Fingers" comment I said awhile back.

Vibram Five Finger- Sprints

Vibram Five Finger Sprints

And I have the Bikla's for running on order (they're back ordered) prolly won't be here till the 21st. My thoughts on them soon.


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    Wow!! Very proud of you! Love, Dad

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    Go go go :)


  • Papa

    And another from the field:


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