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So talking to Abby J. on the phone last week...doing some much needed catching up, I told her I've been on a bit of painting streak ( I think I have about 4 canvas' going right now) and since it is/was her birthday and all I'd send her something..when I asked if she had anything in mind she said...

"Um, something Northwest influenced!" ...*giggle*

"But of course."

original collage painting Title: "away we the pacific northwest"


"Away we the Pacific Northwest"

(Original collage/acrylic painting on 16x 20 canvas by Tyler Larsen)

Happy Birthday girl. This painting has got character for sure. You'll find something new almost every time you look at it. I've been at it all this week, and in between painting and listening to Beach House I may have shed a tear or two...but hey, it's got nothing but good mojo in all those layers of paint! I felt like I was painting a prayer flag, full of intention. I miss you guys like crazy. I'm only posting this one close ups till you get it in the snail mail, don't want it to fully lose it's luster....I'll ship it in the next couple of days...after I find a box it will fit in!

Love ya'.

P.S. yes,miss Cadee, put your request in...your next! Love-T.

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  • abby jane on

    oh my gosh, it’s so perfect! i love love love it! so amazing :) away we go indeed, i wish i could hop in the camper and head out that way today!

  • michelle allen on

    okay, can’t believe how long it’s been since i’ve been here! you have been BUSY girl! LOVE this painting. you should do more more more!!!

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  • spindelmaker on

    How nice, to hand-make presents for your best friends! I love turquoise and orange together.

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