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the fam...& journaling

& Running!

Stella (my step daughter) is here from Denver...a much needed visit for all of us. We decided to take Arlin Jack to his first ever movie on the big screen.

Arlin Jack

is this picture not the best?! I love it...Quiet as a church mouse, Jacker's sat glued to the edge of his seat (which was a good thing, cause when he leaned all the way back the seat folded up on him and his little short legs!)

Stella Vita

3-D Toy Story 3...brilliant kids flick, really I'd totally see it again. However, I'll pass on the movie theatre "buttered popcorn", geez! I forgot what a stomach ache that stuff gives me.

In conjunction to another painting I'm working on for Bree of Me and My 2 Guys (sorry no spoilers till it's finished) I've started the background for my

33 things to do before I turn 34 list...

Creative Journal page in progress

(mostly inspired by janne and michelle-thanks ladies!)

lots of color...I was feeling chipper this morning with a cup of coffee in hand and the kiddies were off playing soccer at the park with pops.

creative journal page in progress

Phase II: Whoa that's a lota' circles to fill up! (I'm thinking I better make them "realistic" things to achieve?!)


Phase III of the mighty bubble background...now the brainstorming begins...this is kinda fun! I could go to the moon and back with grandiose ideas of far off travels and yummy exotic foods I'd eat, mmm. But...well, I'll just have to stay grounded, humble and VERY realistic about my list, so I can feel good about marking them off as I go :) I have till September 8th to fancy my bubbles. Yes, I'm a virgo, and lists are right up my alley. Especially if you can doodle them artsy in your journal! Stay tuned.

Here are some other inspiring "lists" from out in blog-land:

Hula Seventy

Rhubarb Sky

Michelle My Belle


The Queen of Tides

Now if you'll excuse me I must slip off to sleep land...I ran another speed track practice tonight with a group from West Seattle Runner, I feel great, but pooped! Here's a peek at me workin' it on the track!

8/17/10 track practice

20 x 200 meters @ 44 second each interval...our goal was 52 sec. each, but the gals I was paired up with weren't afraid to kick it up a notch, our times were anywhere from 42-46 seconds each interval..that's an 5:55-6:20 minute mile pace.

8/17/10 West Seattle Runner group track practice at Hiawatha

My two partners & me on the left.  I'm thrilled to be meeting local runners who are training for upcoming marathons...they're so inspiring and make me wanna keep on truckin'!


  • Shelly Massey

    Toy Story 3 was Harper’s first movie too… we only had one brief intermission in the middle where Harper thought it would be a good idea to start roaming the movie theater. When she found out she couldn’t, she wasn’t so happy about it. Oh well, all in all, she did well.

    Can’t wait to see your list too! I should work on one… I have until October, so plenty of time, right? :)

  • abby jane

    you’re top on my inspiration list lady! you’re amazing!

    i wonder how mr. palmer sioux would do in a movie. . . we may have to try it soon

  • spindelmaker

    Your bubbles are looking so much fun already, even without all the little “do´s” inside them :-)

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