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Finished one of five paintings I have started...woo hoo. This is for Bree, the crafty quilter behind Me & My 2Guys. She was my paired partner for the international craft swap. So, this bright oil painting is going be traveling all the way to Australia very soon...soon as it dries...a little (hopefully sooner than later)


Title:  "Earth Laughs in Flowers"

[original oil painting by Tyler Larsen]

It's kind hard to paint something for someone you don't exactly know. There's apprehension, are they gonna hate it? love it? give it away? throw it away? laugh at it? critique it? Ugh the list goes on and on...while I'm painting with really no direction in my I emailed Bree and asked her if she could help me and offer more input, other than what I already knew [her color likes and dislikes, oh and that she liked flowers] Bree complied sharing where the painting was gonna hang, in her studio space, and what that space looked like, that of all flowers she really liked "Sunflowers" and artists like Vincent VanGogh and Monet. But didn't exactly like Picasso's abstract style, she was even helpful in looking through my latest works and offering what she liked and didn't like about them [which I wish happened more often- it's good to hear what other people see in your art]...and better yet she introduced Australian artist David Hart's work to me as an example of what was recently catching her eye:

So...I brainstormed a plan to merge the colors of David Hart's art with a little VanGogh "feeling" by using lots of brush strokes and texture then put a twist by free handing an inspirational quote "Earth Laughs in Flowers" by Robert Waldo Emerson in the center of the flower- I think it looks kind of like a faded photograph with the back ground; a bright calypso blue acrylic peering through the sunflower...Bree is also has quite the green thumb, you should check out her garden pictures! I hope this brightens her space.

I had fun painting it...and I'm really enjoying it in my studio as it sits up on my work bench to dry.:) Thanks for being patient Bree. Hopefully we'll be able to collaborate on a magnificent quilt someday soon!

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  • jenn on

    oooooooo… i love it! And it’s perfect. So glad you both took part in the swap!

  • Dan Edmondson on

    The sunflower looks great! Thanks for sharing this! I like it!…Daniel

  • Bree on

    It is AWESOME Tyler! I love love love love love it!!! Can’t wait til it gets here, but yes keep it while the layers dry. And I hadn’t heard that quote before, that makes it even better!

  • Erin Leigh on

    I love this painting Tyler. Love the colors and the quote and the style. very cool. you have to show us what bree sends you.

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