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33 things to do before i turn 34...

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Making a reasonable/achieveable yet challenging list of 33 things to do before I turn 34 was harder than I thought. At one point I couldn't think of anything, then within filling the last couple of bubbles a million things came to mind...but I guess that's how it always works, eh? Paint's pretty much done...but think I may add some birdies perched on the bubbles, we'll see.

33 things to do before i turn 34

My list no specific order...

  1. attend Artfest 2011 (a second time)
  2. take Jackers to the Zoo
  3. make guerilla art ( i have it made...just need to go put it up!!)
  4. continue running barefoot
  5. get a family portrait taken-nope.
  6. grow a garden- for mothers day I was given 4 planter boxes we loaded up with fruits, veggies & herbs!
  7. blog giveaway- figure it all out- and do one!
  8. take local- Please come check us out! Summerfest 2011 July 9th-10th & 11th we'll be selling all 3 days at a table outside Twilight Artist Collective at Alaska & California!
  9. perfect my pancake skillz- it's mandatory we need a pancake griddle!!!
  10. go whale watching
  11. run 26.2 miles-yah right.
  12. fill this entire journal- almost
  13. do bikram yoga again
  14. work on patent idea 
  15. paint a wall in my studio (primer'd a wall white...hey it's still paint!)
  16. make new friends
  17. load up my Etsy shop with inventory
  18. go to a musical or concert
  19. get a massage (or 2)- never happened :(
  20. road trip (maybe to Portland) yah! I'm registered for Art & Soul 2011!!!
  21. go wine tasting 
  22. read to Arlin everyday.......(doing really good with this so -far! :))
  23. visit Vancouver
  24. get a bicycle (already have a cruiser need a race bike!)
  25. cook & blog 3 new Asian/Vietnamese recipes
  26. go kayaking
  27. learn my i-pad & a photo edit app
  28. read at least 5 books
  29. possibly get a tattoo (prolly not mom)
  30. volunteer my time or art to a good cause
  31. learn how to bind a journal (& finish Molly's gift)
  32. purge our garage!
  33. create a line of nursery wall art for babylux online store ( in the works for Fall launch)

I'll be changing the completed line items to blue as I finish em'! and hopefully I'll figure out how to make a link on the right side of my blog so you can see my progress over the next year!

Do you have a list? ... share your link with a comment, i'd love to see!

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  • Elysia on

    I’ll do 13 with you if you want and for 29 you know my response and I’m all about matching lately that was my last one. As for 2 I wanna go too I haven’t been yet and I like 3:)

  • spindelmaker on

    What a great list, Tyler! I´m so glad your birthday is before mine (hi, hi,…) I´ve started to make a my new list, but realize I will probably need to put some of my 42 things on my 43-list, as there is just no chance of me getting them done in two weeks…

  • funderson on

    Nice list! I am very impressed with it’s size and scope. I’m feeling somewhat inspired by it as I’m turning 40 next year, but ding-dang that would really be a lot of things to think up…

  • spindelmaker on

    Ok Tylor. I´ve finally got my list in place. And I linked to yours, of course :-)

  • abby jane on

    love 19, if you need help with 28 let me know (i read 5 books in august, i’m feverant), i say yes to 29 (you can get a little one!), i want to do 1 with you, and 20. . thanksgiving in the columbia river gorge. . . just an idea. xo

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