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happy happy 33...

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Not feeling older...but a little bit wiser,indeed. It's actually kinda cool getting older. I have more patience now to flow my contemplative mind. And the persistence to finish what I start whether it's frustrating or not. Definitely evolved from 10 years ago...shoot, even 5 years ago.


the hub got me my (one) of favorite flowers; Casablanca Lilies, for my birthday, so cute, he had Jacker's carry them in the house...

"Mama! We gotchu' flowers Mama!"

and LOOK what else I got!!!



bye, bye over-heating, heavy hunk of a laptop



I was suppose to get an e-reader...and somehow that morphed into an i-pad. I'm so not complaining, big thanks to the hub and my Mom for spoiling me. It's soooo cool I got lost in i-pad land last night, with lack of sleep I paid for it today, felt like I had two gallon bags of sand tied to my feet on my run this morning...still SO not complaining :)

Other good stuff...

dinosaur rawr

Been busy getting Jacker's all geared up for preschool. His first day of Preschool of the Arts was Tuesday. He's turning into such a big boy, I'm so beyond proud of him!

My Mom sent me some vintage glass treats from my Grandpa Fred's house in Michigan


this is only the contents of one box...I think I have 10 0r 11 of the turquoise glass railroad insulators...don't exactly what I'm going to do with them just yet, but the sure look pretty in the window sill with the light reflecting through them.

I've finished my 33 things to do before I'm 34 list. Just finishing some of the painting, blog to follow...hopefully tomorrow.

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  • Bree on

    Happy Birthday!
    did you know – my best friend’s birthday is 9/9 – just like you (I’m 11/11)
    and I love glass bottles/ vases too! Esp blue ones!
    I posted your gift on Monday so you should recv next week. :)

  • Shelly Massey on

    No way are you 33! No way! Happy Birthday! I looks like you had an awesome day. :)

  • jenn on

    happy happy birthday and let us know what you think of the ipad…. a bit jealous.

  • Erin Leigh on

    happy, happy late day. i’m drooling over your birthday gift + turquoise glass over here! Love it. not quite sure what to do with it either. but it’s beautiful…

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