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artfest 2011 artfest confirmation zine Events Family & Friends handmade slippers from Estonia slippers

This, my friends, is the Artfest 2011 confirmation zine that just came in the mail today...

artfest 2011


artfest 2011 confirmation zine

I'm so excited already! It's not too late for any of you dreamers out there, c'mon and join the festivities, I promise you won't regret it! I'll share my work shops in another be honest I only peeked into this packet- eek! I've been swamped busy with paperwork (good news on the horizon- stay tuned) and finishing up my Mom's birthday gift, which is in the mail tomorrow morning :). And throw a little chaos into the mix... I set off the smoke detector this afternoon trying to cook blue corn posole' for'd think it was a commercial size building alarm going off, my poor dog was crying cause it hurt his ears, that's how loud it was! And my lungs! geez I feel winded just sitting here from all the smoke I inhaled in the kitchen...must have been a funny sight to watch me run around swatting a dish towel in the air while trying to find something to stand on top of to stop the smoke alarm...

Now for the cutest darn handmade slippers you ever did see!

mousey slippers

My Dad sent us these from a recent trip to London...

Arlin's slippers

"Jacker's you got bugs on your feet!"

handmade slippers from estonia

Loving these, thanks Dad!

Happy Tuesday y'all.

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  • Kaitlinmatt on

    Okay tyle,
    im addicted to your blog :)
    i love it love it i have been wanting to start a blog so badly and your just makes me want to that much more

    the slippers are adorable!

  • Tyler on

    is this who I think it is!?? you most def have to start a blog! pronto! you’d be so good at it….and I’d love peek into your college world! :)xoxo Love you!

  • spindelmaker on

    The ARTFEST-post is coming?! Oh, I have something to really look forward to! I am so glad we´re meeting up again next spring!
    And your slippers are super-cute! They look warm enough even for Port Townsend :-)

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