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After coming home from the gym yesterday I was eating dinner with Jacks and the Mac was on channel KCTS 9... They were covering the documentary "Playing For Change." With in minutes I was spellbound, and next thing you know Arlin and I are dancing around the kitchen singing along. The movement was started by Mark Johnson, who found Roger Widley playing jazz music on the street in Santa Monica California. Roger was playing the song "Stand by Me" which Mark had just heard the John Lennon version on the radio days before, but there was something different about Roger's version of the tune... it was so authentic, and moving. Mark proceeded to ask Roger if he could come back a few days later with some music equipment and record him playing that song. Roger agreed. From there Mark travels to many different countries asking fellow street musicians to put a set of headphones on and listen to Roger's rendition of "Stand By Me"...what you see in this video clip is what Mark Johnson beautifully captures....

with doesn't matter what religion you believe in, or what politics you may follow....with music we are ONE.

[youtube Us-TVg40ExM]

After watching the KCTS special last night I bought tickets to see "Playing for Change" a conglomerate of these above musicians (some of them are traveling for the first times in their lives) the concert is November 3rd at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, supposedly the oldest theatre in downtown opening in 1907 the same year Pike's Place Market opened. I'm very excited. And for all you Colorado readers, this tour is coming to Boulder November 5th! You NEED (o.k. I strongly encourage you) to go support Playing For Change Foundation!

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  • funderson on

    very very cool

  • spindelmaker on

    What a great version. I´m always moved by cooperations like this, independent on borders.

  • Erin Leigh on

    Love this Tyler. This is really cool. Is it coming to SD? I’d love, love, love to see it.
    Love your bird too.

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