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why I'm stressed...

(Thank you to all of you who emailed me asking what I was stressed about)

It's hard not to feel like the glass isn't half empty when two days before you're awaited half marathon (that you've been steadily training for) is....well...

not gonna happen.

Meet my 2 broken feet...

walking casts

Trying to have a sense of humor, I joked with the gals at the podiatrist office I'd be Frankensteins wife for Halloween...they sure seemed to get a good laugh out of it while brainstorming how many years it had been since someone had last walked out of their office with 2 boots on at the same time...I think 7 years was what they agreed on..."Look how well she can walk in them...You're doing great Tyler..."

Little did they know. My reality is living in a three story house with stairs galore and a very active 2 year old tot!


A couple of weeks ago on a weekend run the top of my left foot started to feel like my shoe lace was too tight. It bothered me enough to stop and adjust my laces...As I continued my run the pain got worse, so I decided to be smart and head home. I was so proud of myself for taking it easy for the next week, saying to myself..."You're ready for this upcoming race, you've trained well. Smart....You've eaten better, taken lots of vitamin supplements and followed a moderate training can take a week off just as a don't want to end up injured."

A week went by and I headed out for a run. Ouch, my foot hurt. In denial of any sort of stress fracture, I switched all my runs to cycling, thinking I'd pray hard and give myself another week off my my head...."this can't be happening, what's going on with my foot? Maybe I need to stretch more, yeah that's it. Maybe I should ditch my running shoes and run barefoot (which I was waiting to get through this race to begin doing 100%) maybe I just bruised the top of my foot, did I forget I'd dropped something on it? It's possible. hmmm..."

Another week goes by and my foot still hurts. Now I can't seem to get a shoe on, it's swollen. And what? My other foot hurts too? I find a referral to a podiatrist and schedule an appointment. While waiting for that appointment my right foot (not the foot I made the appointment for) swells up like elephant girl. What in the *&^%$ is going on!!?? After x-rays and 2 MRI's and a blood panel test...Reality sets in I'm not running a race at all. With x-rays not showing stress fractures but the crazy amout of swelling I had (amongst some other symptoms) the Doc was suspicious I could have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I leave the docs office...I was now running a race to research this disease called RA. I try time lining every injury I've ever had. I don't have this disease. I can't. This can't be happening. I literally feel panic, panic that I might never run again. The results of my blood test come back along with my MRI scans:

I am mostly in the clear for RA.  Whew!

However, I am vitamin D deficient (welcome to Seattle-ha!) which means my bones are soft- not good. Obviously the reason I've now had 3 stress fractures in the 15 months. Perplexed- that I've been taking 3000 IU's a day of vitamin D along with a Calcium/Magnesium supplement through this training program- I ask the doc about it. I'm informed it's going to take a much higher dosage for a much longer period for blood work to show improvement. O'key Dokey! As for the MRI scans; I have a stress fracture to the left foot second mid tarsal bone. Right foot I have an extremely bad stress fracture to the heel bone.

Boots...8 weeks on the right, 4-6 weeks on the left. I can do this...I'll run again. Today the glass is half full...


  • funderson

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? booooooooo! I’m so sorry! I cannot even believe you have to wear two stinking boots. That really is beyond-o. Heal fast and geez-o-pete take care!

  • lacy

    OMG 2 broken feet are you kidding?! Holy shit girl. Take very good care, it’s time for some extreme self care! I’ll be sending you love!

  • Bree

    oh my god you poor bugger :(

  • Shelly Massey

    OMG, Tyler! I had no idea this kind of thing could happen from running! Glad to hear it’s not RA, and love your positive attitude. Hang in there, Girly! :)

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