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Amazon Fresh...

There's a first for everything...

Amazon Fresh

Like...getting your groceries delivered to your door step with the click of a button... Honestly I was weary when the hub told me I should order our groceries off I couldn't get over the idea of not being able to hand select my know checking for dog eared lettuce, moldy strawberries, bruised apples...etc. The hub says..."Let's just try it babe." With the current state I'm in it's like watching a train wreck seeing me manage Arlin Jack, the wobbly wheeled grocery cart and all the loading/unloading that follows. So, sitting on the couch on my i-pad (btw- have I told you how much I love this thing?!) I shopped for groceries and proceeded to check out. Mind you it's almost midnight, I got to choose the delivery times for the following morning which were: 6am-9am or 3-6pm, best part about it- you don't have to be there to accept the order. But of course I was waiting by the door to marvel at this whole modern process.

Amazon Fresh

They pack your produce, diary and meats in these dry ice coolers and freezer bags. Everything was super cold. And the produce dropped my jaw...I've never seen a more perfect head of romaine lettuce in my life! Seriously this is SO COOL!


They send you flowers for your first order. How much better can it get?!

The scoop:

  • No, the prices are not ridiculously fact I used a couple of our household staple foods to do a price comparison and I was surprised that more items than not were less expensive.
  • can still read all the ingredient labels...with just a tap on the screen!
  • Delivery charge is $6.00 or FREE with a purchase of $150 or more ($30 minimum purchase)
  • After you unpack your groceries you place the empty crates on your doorstep and they are retrieved upon your next delivery, whenever you decide that be...this is not a bi-weekly repeat product service, so you only get what you need.
  • Yes, the deliver wine and beer (however, you must be present for these types of deliveries)
  • Yes, this is a Seattle thing!
  • Yes, you can get organics and fresh deli cut meats, etc.
  • Yes, it's an out of body experience to actually get through an entire shopping experience WITHOUT having a toddler distract you from your shopping list, whining he wants more juice as he digs through your purse looking for "treats"...telling you he has to go potty... It's a wonderful thing to actually get what you went to the store for in the first place...Only better it's brought to you!!!


  • jenn

    I started doing this in Minneapolis (CobornsDelivers) and I’m getting addicted. Now the only errand I have to run is to the fabric store!

  • Shelly Massey

    Ummm… I never thought I’d be jealous of someone’s grocery shopping experience (or lack thereof), but I am. That is SO awesome. SO. AWESOME.

  • lacy

    I’m totally impressed

  • funderson


  • abby jane

    that’s fing awesome. . . i get milk and produce. i can get bread yougurt cheese etc. . . too but that’s the real deal.

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