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i-pod case...

halloween goodies handmade i-pod case i-pod case Misc. Creations! sewing sewn i-pod case stella

Daily Crafty Report:

a handmade i-pod case for little Miss Stella Vita...

hand made i-pod case

It's always fun to make things without a pattern. I think I'm happier in the end cause there's no pattern botching or oops I did it "wrong" :)..

handmade i-pod case

A pocket for the i-pod, a pocket for the charger/usb cable, and a key ring...

handmade i-pod case

a little love note for the inside...

halloween goodies...

and some other Halloween goodies, all boxed up and ready to go. Missing little Miss Stell, she's always so much fun to dress up for Halloween. (her pesty little brother (Arlin Jack) misses her too...terribly!)

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  • spindelmaker on

    This is lovely. And so practical! My two favorite parts is the little note, and that you can carry the cord with you without it being all entangled and dirty and ruined. Maybe you should start producing these?

  • lacy on

    SO CUTE!

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