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happy halloween...

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halloween bunting

Ink stamping on fabrics...cute eh? I finally dove into cutting the stamp sheet we got as a freebie goodie in our welcome packet at Artfest last year. I am getting so excited about going this year. Now that I sort of know what to expect, I can relax a little...and hopefully plan out what supplies I should bring to maximize my experience in each of my workshops. (AND I'm still sending out positive waves into the universe for a chance Abby J. can surf her way to the Pac NW and GO TO ARTFEST WITH ME!!!)

My new favorite place to browse with a cup of coffee in hand, is the local senior center community shoppe...Here's a peek at my finds today...

vintage sheet music

8 vintage sheet music sleeves...perfect material for some more journal making. (I'm thinking these small handmade journals may just be my Artfest trades this year?!) Best part about this stash...they were all marked down today from $3.00 to $0.50 cents each!!!

Another find a few days ago....(Yes! I'm a regular)

quilting fabrics

I was lucky enough to score 5 gallon size ziploc baggies of vintage quilting prints in funky bag even had a surprise of a hundred or so already cut it! & note the pink price tag?!...gotta love it!

And...Look who loves her new i-pod!!

Miss Stella, such a cutie. (thanks to her Mom I got see her happy with her box of goodies) :)

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  • Beyza on

    My mother-in-law gave me some die-cut heexis she bought years ago and told me to “do whatever you want with them”. I’ve been reluctant to do anything with them because I really didn’t want to sew all those pieces by hand. Now with your tutorial I may just get something made with all those little heexis. Thanks a bunch!!!

  • abby jane on

    i know i want to go. . . kiko just needs a jobby job :) only 4 or 5 more weeks though of his student teaching and then hopefully he’ll be able to find something. stella is so cute!

  • Bree on

    oh my gosh, vintage hexagons……. !

  • spindelmaker on

    Oh, you should save the “little by little” sheet-cover for the cover of your next art-journal or something. It would be a shame to cut it to pieces. You lucky girl! All these findings! No wonder it´s your new favorite!Do you know that little town north of Seattle that has it´s whole main street filled with antique and vintage-shops? Can´t remember the name of it right now, but I think I counted 10 shops in a a couple of blocks. And then one of them was a 3-4 story-house full. If you´re bored one day, it might be worth an outing?

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