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Fabric Scrap Swap AND Giveaway!

O.k... I've been day dreaming of how to expand my fabric stash. I need inspiration, and what better way to be inspired? (new fabrics!) Isn't the saying..."May one man's trash be another man's treasure!?" (although my Amy Butler stash is by no means anyone's trash) Anyways, I'd love to throw this Fabric Swap a "De-stash/Re-stash" idea out into blog land and see who might be interested in the fun.....

My stash: I have several pounds of Amy Butler's Lotus Collection...these prints being last season, no longer in production they seem to be harder to find...I'm not really picky on trading, I just ask your fabrics be in good condition,equivalent in quality/value and quantity agreed upon etc. I'm open with email communication on what you'd like to trade, so please, please introduce yourself with a comment if we don't already know each other! The fabric scraps I'm looking to swap are a WIDE range of sizes....don't be shy in making an offer. I can utilize small pieces in some upcoming wall art/mini-quilts I'm designing! I will ship anywhere, including international as long as you can commit to shipping to me!..(here in Seattle)

To give you an idea I measured a handful of scraps from a few different bins of mine: below are just a few examples of the scrap sizes I have (mind you I have LOTS & LOTS of these varied sizes): 3"x7" pieces....4"x8" pieces.....2 1/2" wide x 40" long strips....2"x24" long strips.....5" wide x 26" long strips.....16"x16" blocks....AND some of these prints I have FULL yardage I will trade for full yardage of an equal quality fabric..SO let's talk! :)

lotus cherry

chocolate lace

Lotus: Sagelace

Moon Dot

Moon Dot


Moon Dot

lotus blue

Moon Dot

The Giveaway!

I'd like to offer the first 3 comment-eers who say.... "Hi! I wanna fabric trade with you, please contact me...." (please leave the best way to contact you!) a hand made bunting similar to this one...(I say similar cause it may be any combination of the fabrics pictured above)


However, please keep the comments and trade requests coming thereafter! I'll accept offers thru this weekend. Come on let's swap fabric scraps!


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  • Wilma

    I have some fabric to swap, all colors and types, I’m learning to quilt, The peices are already cut in all sizes. If interested please let me know. I will swap for other quilt type fabrics

  • Tyler

    Wilma…I sent you an email- would love to still trade…please let me know what fabrics you’d like and will set up trade arrangements!

  • jenn

    Hello!! I would love to swap, but I’ll need to look through my stash to see if I have anything near as nice as what you have. This is such a great idea!

  • spindelmaker

    This is a great idea! And actually I´d really like to swap fabrics, but I´m not sure if we have the same type of fabrics. Mine are nothing like these ones. Neither in quality, colors or patterns. I´m more the glitzy silk type… metallics, organzas, brocades, and so on. In heavy, dark colors. Nothing cute about it at all…

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