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Denver House


We've been waiting anxiously...longer than we ever anticipated for our home back in Denver to sell. (this picture is of me standing in front of the house when we bought it back in February of 07'.) We got an offer on 9-11 of all days! And we just closed October 18th. I promised the hub I wouldn't say a peep to anyone till we actually closed, we hit a few hiccups along the way- the joys of having an historically old home. It's been a long, long haul. Carrying two mortgages (well a mortgage and $ hefty rental here in Seattle- a rental cost that might as well be a mortgage!) has been stressful indeed. I'd say we lost a few pennies in the whole ordeal. But we learned a lot along the way, I suppose that's part of the process in "growing up" which I feel I'm doing a lot of lately :).

Nonetheless this chapter is closed...Onward and forward!!!

We're excited to start settling in here in Seattle, maybe we'll actually not say..."we just moved here" anymore?! We're house hunting again. The market for buying a home here in Seattle is much different than Denver. We'll probably not end up with the sq. footage we had or the upgrades we put in our home back in Denver....but hey, we're in Seattle, a pretty cool city if you ask me!

It amazes me how long it took for our home to sell. We LOVED that house! (with a passion) A Victorian home platted in 1890 and finished in 1892 with 2 remodeled additions, it held 2,200 sq ft. of character! not a block away from Old South Pearl Street with the farmers market, boutique shops, and great restaurants there was always something to do, definitely a sweet spot in Denver. It was a labor of love for me, but worth every bit of work, as we have SO many memories that we'll hold in our hearts forever! I can only hope the new owners we'll love it as much as we did...and feel absolutely blessed to have Kenn and Amy as their neighbors (we miss you guys terribly!)

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  • Shelly Massey on

    YAAAAAAAY! (for the house closing part, not the missing friends part) As cool as your house was, SO happy that it’s no longer hanging over your head. Congratulations!

  • abby jane on

    yey! and boo. . . still miss you guys. i finally mailed off your package today, sorry for the flaky delay. xo

  • spindelmaker on

    What a BEAUTIFUL house! Crossing my fingers that your new home will be with equal amounts of personality!

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