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Speaking of lovely Lacy! Here she is...

lacy and ned modeling bunting

with Ned...her kitty...and they're doing a GIVEAWAY! Yep, march right on over (here) and enter yourself, or your friend, or your Mum or your maybe your kitty cat?! to WIN! a hand made bunting from Me :) It's bright and cheery and it's calling your go, go, go!

...can you tell it's almost Halloween, and I'm a bit flustered? It looks like someone killed a chicken in my studio there's fuzzy yellow faux fur everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE from sewing Jacker's Sam I am costume. Stay tuned for pictures...coming tomorrow!

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  • lacy on

    thank you so much for the lovely bunting! It makes me so happy!

  • spindelmaker on

    You didn´t mention that the give-away prize is made by you! No need to be shy, it looks great! :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you costume-in-the-making!

  • lacy on

    cant wait to see the costume too!

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