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SAM I AM costume-Halloween part I...

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Together Arlin and I decided he'd be Sam I AM for Halloween because of the book...his new favorite nightly read before bedtime.

However, Mama learned a big lesson this year. I'll have to wait a little bit longer (like last minute) to buy fabric and such for next years costume ...Cause it's true, 3 year olds can sometimes change their minds about what they want to be!

See...Jacker's was REALLY "Buzz Lightyear". Yep, Buzz Lightyear dressed up as Sam I AM. Hey, whatever works right? I admit I was a little deflated Jacks wasn't as excited as I thought he'd be getting dressed up for Halloween. I realize this is probably just the beginning of his little independent voice (and really, would I want it any other way?...nah.)

Costume in the making:

Because toddler bright orange (lens-less) safety goggles were SO necessary  for this Halloween sewing project...

me making the "Sam I am" costume

Don't ask...What can I say, my Mom and I are just silly sometimes!

Arlin's Mimi (my mom)

I gotta tell you, my Mom's a total trooper when it comes to helping me with some of my off the wall ideas. "Maintenance" sweeps with a broom and dust pan were also a MUST throughout this costume making. Yellow faux fur was everywhere by the time we wrapped up. I'm still finding bits of it throughout the house, and in my car!

Sam I am: green eggs and ham

For the plate : I took a piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle (using a smaller sized music record for a size guide) then covered the top with a  white cotton fabric scrap (using Modge Podge for an adhesive) The ham and eggs are made out of green and white eco-felt and stuffed with batting for 3 dimensional fullness. At first I attached the eggs to the plate with velcro tabs, but reevaluated that method quickly....with a three yr. tot- E6000 glue might be better. (this glue can glue anything to anything!)

And meet...SAM I AM...(I mean Buzz Lightyear as Sam I am)

Sam I am

this costume was pretty easy compared to last years...

halloween 2010

I got a good chuckle getting Arlin and Otis dressed up...
Otis as a hot dog!
hot dog anyone?

Part II: our pumpkin carving extravaganza.

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  • Vynn Credible on

    It’s a Weiner Dog!

  • regina on

    ahhh yes. Been there, done that. Last minute change of mind —-ugh!! My guys don’t do it anymore, now that they know I will flip out. :P

  • abby jane on

    so super cute! good job mama. palmer wouldn’t even wear his costume, he wasn’t into it (but i didn’t make his costume either!

  • Leigh-Curly Girl Design on

    Oh you are such a good mommy!! The faux fur is cracking me up!!
    nice work!

  • spindelmaker on

    Both you and “Sam” look great. But the hot dog takes the prize! That had me laughing out loud!! :-D

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