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Family & Friends Misc. Creations! pumpkin carving pumpkin patch pumpkin with mustache pumpkins

Arlin-pumpkin patch

ever wonder how he got the nick name Pumpkin head?!

Mama-pumpkin patch
trying to convince the boys we needed a 40 pounder pumpkin= fail...

that's o.k. though, we ended up scoring a pretty good size one anyways.

pumpkin patch

Jacker pants is getting so big, it's harder these days to just grab him for photo ops!

ready to carve away

Tarp: check, carving tools: check, bucket: check, excited kiddo: check...

Let the games begin!

Mama & Arlin- pumpkin time

Jack's wasn't so sure about the scooping out part...he kept saying...."Dat's yucky Mama!"

me carving first pumpkin

hey, wait a minute...where did everyone go?

Piere de pum-kin!

my "pummm-kin"...pierre'...wee wee!

hub's pumpkin

the hub's pumpkin

Larsen pumpkins

the big guy in the middle was a joint effort with the hub...but somehow I got suckered into cleaning out all three! I forgot how much fun this's been awhile since we carved pumpkins.

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  • funderson on

    Very rad punkins…

  • Nicole on

    Great pictures, I really love the pumpkin faces. What kind of camera do you use?

  • Tyler on

    Canon XR Rebel :)

  • Bree on

    i can honestly say I’ve never seen pumpkins that big…. maybe that’s why we don’t do the whole pumpkin carving thing here.

  • jenn on

    Love them, so creative. I always do the same face, triangle eyes and a toothy smile. next year, something fresh!

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