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blessed by Abby...

I've always considered myself a little superstitious.

I'm easily lured into the romance of superstitions because I think life just seems more magical when I do. Naturally I believe everything happens for a reason and rarely do I think we're given more than we can handle...just enough to feel like we're dangling on the edge. But I realize this is how some of us learn....(yes, me!)

Anyways, I've been saving this blog post till I was sure I wouldn't jinx the process...see there I go again!

O.k. now for the awesome story...It's lengthy, so get cozy.

As some of you know the hub and I have been steadily house hunting since before (really) the sale of our home back in Denver. We've gone through more open houses over the past several weekends than I can count and have been in daily contact with our relator Kathy (who's awesome by the way:)) for the pulse on the few narrowed down neighborhoods we're shopping. The hub and I started to feel a little disenchanted that nothing was going to jazz us like our home in Denver did. You know, the feeling you get when you "just know" you HAVE to HAVE something!? Right about the time my Mom came into town for a visit I was settling into the "it's fine, we're renting, we have a roof over our heads, and I don't really care if we find something or not, yada, yada,yada, phase.

And then after a week of hanging out with my Mom, dragging her along my house hunting adventures and long car rides. Kathy sends the hub and I an email...."WE HAVE TO GO SEE THIS LISTING TODAY!" O.k. done. My Mom and I meet Kathy at the said address in which totally peaked my interest as an "untouchable" neighborhood price wise. Loved the curb appeal. Walked through the front door, saw the living room and dining room and right away knew it had great potential. YEP. We need to make an offer- (Kathy and I both looked at each other while nodding our heads) I called the hub and shared my excitement...."This is it babe! Can you break away from work? You have to come look, we have to act fast! Like, we need to put an offer down today." The home had already had a handful of relators walk thru and leave their cards. The home was priced to move.

The hub broke away from his meeting to come look and agreed this was it.

In the meantime we came home from seeing "the house" and a package was on the doorstep. And inside, was this beauty...

abby angel 

a magically hand crafted dotee doll from Abby J. The words that came along in a heartfelt hand written card rang clear to me...

abby angel

the house was meant to be...and we'd be fortunate enough to have them accept our offer. I was at peace marveling over this creation Abby made just for me.

abby angel

the details are amazing. And the meaning behind why Abby felt I needed this little angel even more so.

abby angel

and so the journey is really just beginning.

We put an offer in that night. It was the first day the house was on the market. Immediately following our offer another offer came in higher than ours. We were given an opportunity to raise our offer. So we did...with our offer Kathy (as awesome as she is) wrote a letter to the sellers about our story, who we were and why we loved the house (mentioning I happen to see vintage sewing machine in one of the rooms- that I myself was a "passionate" creative/home maker)

Well.............something magical worked it's magic because our second "best" offer was still lower than the second offer they received but the family decided to choose us anyways!

Seattle house!

Say hello to our new mid-century abode! We've given inspection notice and we're moving right along. Looks like this Christmas we'll be hanging tinsel on the our new home.....AH, home at las!


  • Kaitlinmatt

    omgg i lovveee ittt :)
    sooo sooo soooo sooo amazing and adorable!

  • michelle allen

    LOVE your new home!!! and the rock wall in front is gorgeous too! and a sweet little beautiful doll to boot! lucky girl. and a good week, getting your wiggle toes free. congratulations!

  • michelle allen

    oh, and can’t wait to see inside the house!!!

  • cadee harris

    i looove it! can’t wait to visit!! :)

  • spindelmaker

    Wow! Congratulations! A brand new home – how great! And what a lovely little angel! some days are just plain GOOD!

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