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barefoot and fancy free!

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I was cleared by the foot doc. I'm all healed up. Now it's time to ease back into working out and....running. I went to the gym last night and lifted some weights then walked a mile on the treadmill, feeling a little honoree I then proceeded to run 3/4 a mile, I so wanted to keep running (oh-how I miss it)....I know, I know... hey, I ran really, really slow... I promise I'm gonna take it me I'm in NO hurry to break any more bones!

Funny, sitting in the doctors office last week going over final x-rays he asks me....

"So how long do you think it should take you to build back up to say... a 5 mile run?"

ME: Hmmm, I dunno? couple weeks maybe!?

DOC: Uh, Tyler...I was thinking more along the lines of 2-3 months. Yes, I want you to do more walking first. Then short distance slow runs, like brisk walking runs, can you do that?................. Tyler?"

ME: hehe....o.k. doc. I'll do that.

DOC: O.k....[long pause] know your husbands idea of a leash [funny smirk on his face]...maybe isn't a bad idea afterall.

ME: [face red as a lobster] Promise doc. I'll take it easy.

Actually having these limitations on re-entering running, works out perfectly with "barefoot-ing" it. I'm just thrilled either way to be out of the frankenstein boots!

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