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These boots...

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Are made for walking! I've been driving myself wonkers trying to make up my darn mind and buy a pair of everyday boots...I realize I have a lot of I never ever! I'm usually in one of three pairs of shoes on a daily basis, and in summer one (flip flops) if not barefoot!

SO... I'm cleaning my closet out. feels good to purge. While researching mid-century modern homes (because we are planning to rock the history of the home and bring back some of that retro flare) I just happen to stumble on an article of "why" homes in the 1950's had such small's because men and women typically only had 5 pairs of shoes each. The article further highlighted that actually 5 pairs of shoes was "a lot" back then....

I think it would be great to only have five pairs of shoes.

  • Less clutter.
  • No asking what shoes should I wear? (and having your hub always pick the ones you really don't want to wear)
  • No tripping over shoes on your way to potty in the middle of the night (don't tell me this hasn't happened to you?!)
  • Justification to purchase "spiffy" better quality shoes- is there because you're funding 5 pairs not 50!

Take a guess which shoes I ordered online today???? My requirements were in no specific order: Color: Black, for everyday wear, minimal to no heel, quality- preferably leather upper, a mid calf range in knee high boots for me!....................

Lucky Brand- "Amber" boot

Frye- "Melissa Button" boot

Miz Mooz-"Bloom" boot

Doc Marten- "Mel Elena" boot

Lucky Brand- "Angel" boot

Miz Mooz- "Moon" boot

Miz Mooz- "Hugo" boot

Anthropologie- "Nor'Easter" boot

Frye- "Veronica Slouch" boot

It was a tough call really I wanted to buy a few of these........but that wouldn't be following my mid-century ay of thinking! So I shopped around, found myself an online coupon for 15% off and free shipping both ways (should they not fit right) and clicked purchase.

Leave me a comment; What would have been your pick (if any) out of these??....and take a shot at guessing which ones I bought!!!

(And YES...I got rid of quite a few pairs of shoes/clothes to a local consignment shop to make way for my new boots :))

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  • annalustikova on

    Благодарю публикатору такое на мое усмотрение тоже надо читать.

  • Bree on

    i can’t go past a pair of doc martens!

  • spindelmaker on

    I´d definetly go for the Doc Matin! The quality is excellent, I´ve worn my pair everyday (just about for 6-7 year) and they´re still fine. They´re the perfect mix of classy and rock n´roll. Which would go great with you :-) And the air-wair ones with an air-bubble in the heel, actually make them really comfortable to wear for hours and hours.
    I like the Frye ones too, but haven´t heard of the brand, so don´t know anything about the quality.

  • Kaitlinmatt on

    Lucky Brand “angel” boot
    they will look adorable on you :)
    just coming from the fashion major ;)

  • jenn on

    miz mooz or veronica…..
    Funny, I spent the last week searching for an affordable pair of flat black casual boots. can’t wait to see what you order and if you like them!

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