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Water for Christmas...

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After reading a recent blog post by meg over at Whatever I scrambled through some boxes in my studio that hadn't been taped shut yet for our move...and I was able to gather some Baby Lux Design hand made goodies for a VERY good cause...

donation package

the cause...

Water For Christmas

Thought while I'm at it I'd put a call out to all MY fellow crafty pals...

'Tis the season to not only be THANKFUL.

But to GIVE. to SHARE. And to CARE about others. So please, if you can find a few minutes of your time and donate something you've handmade...

You'll be helping a VERY good cause.

You can make one thing or you can make 20. It's up to you. You get to be creative and choose what it is. What are you fabulous at creating? Make it for africa! Make it for clean water! Donations can be a wide variety of crafts big and small...they do not have to be Africa or Christmas related.

Anything you send will be added to this Etsy shop. And ALL sales will go directly to helping clean water in Africa...

*****Last Year...through Etsy sales they were able to build TWO wells in africa. $10,000 in etsy sales! clean water for a village....just from crafts!......that is SO AWESOME!******

!!! All donations need to be received by Dec. 1 st !!!

I know it's right around the corner....but hey, I'm moving and my plate feels LOADED...and well, you can do it...I know you can. Don't be silly either, better than nothing!


My (babylux) handmade donations...a stroller size baby quilt, two appliqued baby onesies- one for a boy and one for a girl & along with a burpie/bib set.....


a set of girl's handmade pajamas from my ever so talented step Mom of Tickle Me P.J.'s

girls pajama set

these are adorable and the perfect gift for the holidays,birthday's, sleep overs etc.! Tickle me P.J.'s makes pajamas in all sizes, has tackled large orders for custom requests (i.e. high school cheerleading squads dance teams etc.) get more info just let me know and I'll get you in touch!

girls pajama set

O.K....I'm back off to the land of brown boxes and packing tape...Wish me luck!

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