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I'm thankful for...

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GORGEOUS untouched hardwood floors under 1980 maybe 70's carpet!!! Me yesterday pulling up the tac strips in the hallway, dining room all finished!


Blogging is going to be sporadic for a bit. As you can see...we got the keys to our new home! HOO RaY! It's official! Let the remodeling begin!


pulling up carpet, padding, tacking strips and's brutal work! Look at my war wound to prove it...

my hand

Although I'm grateful for finding these hardwood floors...I'm VERY grateful for my family and friends. And of course all of my blog-land friends who have helped enrich my day to day routine by sharing a little bit of your life with me and putting your craft out into the universe to inspire others...(that's what it's all about!) Hoping everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.

29 days till Christmas! YaY!...O.k. I'm off to meet the hardwood refinisher! Pictures to come, stay tuned!

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  • spindelmaker on

    Manual work and remodeling is such great fun, even though you get tired. I think it´s the fact that you so clearly can see improvement that you will enjoy for years and years, that inspires the effort. So glad you´re sharing pictures of your new home, as it comes along.

  • jenn on

    congrats! Cant wait for photos. I’ll get your package in the mail SOON!

  • abby on

    lucky fun, we still need to do that to our little midcentury marvel, after 3 years! love ya

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