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wha, wha...wha.


My boots finally got delivered. To our old house? (after I already put in and got a confirmation letter of our address change?! Gotta love the U.S. Postal Service)

So....a lot of you nailed to a T. the boots I picked :)

I was SO excited till I unwrapped the tissue and went to pull out a boot...immediately I could tell they were TOO big! Argh, I tried one on anyways, but way too big. Darn I went by reading reviews on what size to order, Doc Marten doesn't make shoes in half sizes, I wear a 7.5.......so I thought to sway bigger to be safe and I could just wear thick wool socks. Right?!

Nope. not even with socks.

And the company I ordered from has a fine print clause about their so called "free" return policy....that's totally LAME! I called early this morning cause they are in NY. and the asked for a return authorization code so I could get the shoe in a size 7....The lady explained that actually you only get free (return) shipping if they have the size you need in stock, and (of course) they do NOT.


I googled the boot name...Nada, zilch. No one has them in size 7 (in black anyways) Needless to say, I have little to no faith in ordering shoes online at this point, the transaction took way too long and adding a trip to the post office to pay for a return in the original box (which is huge!) has left a poor taste in my mouth.

* House update...we're almost completely moved into our new house! The hardwood floors are being refinished as we speak!!!


  • jenn

    pisser pisser pisser.
    i just ordered a new pair of boots today from target.


    target offers free shipping over $50 and you can return at the store. Love target.

    I only ordered them because a client made an unreasonable request and I was mad. Good reason, right?

  • funderson

    I’ve been a little MIA lately…sooo, nice house! Bummer on the boots. I need some black boots too..

  • Tonia

    Turns out, I’m googling to find these exact shoes and came across your blog. My husband ordered these for me to my birthday, only I got a UK 9 and not a US 9 – go a US 11. Just a message to say, I feel your pain sister. I was so stoked on these shoes.

  • spindelmaker

    I´m sorry I´m to late to come with this suggestion: I usually buy my boots a size too big, and put a woolen sole in them. That way, they fit better, there is a little room left for insulating air, ANd I keep my feet warm. Do you have woolen soles in the States? If you don´t I could get you some, they´re like the best invention ever for freezing people like myself.

  • Kaitlinmatt

    well they are adorable but :)
    Lucky Brand Angels if nothing else works!
    miss you wish you were here for the holiday!
    give the munchin a big kiss from auntie Katie
    love you

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