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small delights...

I love getting packages on my doorstep! I was lucky to be bombarded with three packages over the last few days. And what sweet surprises in the middle of my house fix madness they were! I got some awesome fabric scraps (and stationary) from Jen over at Paper and Clouds and Shelly of a Wee Bit Warped sent me a lovely print of hers I'll have to post a pic when I find a frame for it! (you should stroll over and check out her house remodeling action!)

new cap...'s not snowing inside the house! I was messing around with Flickr's holiday pic editing tools- thought the "snowflake" option was pretty neat! Check out my new spiffy knit cap handmade by Janne of Spindlemaker. I LOOOve it! So bright and colorful and so me! I've been wearing it all day since I unwrapped it.

Are you all ready for Christmas? I've been so caught up in settling into the new house I haven't thought about sending Christmas Cards out yet- yikes! Looks like we'll be sending New Year's cards instead....Better start planning that out now.

More before and after shots of the house coming. I painted Arlin Jack's room yesterday and today. And we replaced some light fixtures through out the house too....Oh, and how could I forget- the basement remodel has begun! new framing going up...We're adding a 4th bedroom in the basement!

Happy Monday.

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  • spindelmaker

    I´m glad you like it! If it´s too big, you can pull off the last round, and it wont get in your eyes. I thought it was better to make it slightly too big than slightly too small. Gotta keep your ears warm while running, you know! :-)
    New year´s cards are always the best anyway, it´s between the holidays you actually have time to write cards. Well, that´s how it works for me anyway :-)

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