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Happy New Year!

christmas Family & Friends holiday pictures new years

Where have I been?

Amongst nesting in our new home...I've been enjoying back to back visits from family! First my parents came....then my n'laws. We've been a little scattered with construction/remodeling still in the works and house guests. But I'm happy to report the holidays were Merry and FULL!  Pictures from the past weeks!

alphie the robot



hanging out with Jackers at school


exploring Vashon Island...

Lake Union- Seattle...


glimpse of the space needle across Lake Union...

have I told you lately? I LOVE Seattle!

zip line lincoln park

playing around at the park across the street from our house...


that's the ocean behind us...


walking my little "mantis" (he loves wearing these bug goggles!)

Hoping all of you had a very Merry Christmas...AND a HaPPY New YeaR!!!


Here we come!

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  • spindelmaker on

    What lovely photos! Apparently I need to see more of Seattle too. Not finished with that little town :-)
    Happy new year to you and your family, Tyler!

  • jenn on

    sounds perfect…. say hi to the Ocean for me. And is that a little French Bulldog? Love him/her!

  • funderson on

    Very very nice…Happy New Year, eh?

  • Tracy V. Moore on

    wow…great shots! and what a cute dog! thanks for your earlier post about the Annex. We are cranking things up for 2011. Hope to see you there. how’s that journal holding together?

  • Bree on

    Beautiful photos T, I missed your posts!

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