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progress report...

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Bringing in the new year strong...I'm like a freight train with ideas...oh the endless possibilities for our new home! Seriously, I better chill that even possible for me? After all, I do have like....forever!

the dining room "before" pics...
dining room-before

the carpet?

dining room-before

the late 80's early 90's builder chandelier?

dining room window-before

the 70's-80's dusty draperies?

After some T.L.C...

dining room

our new awesomeness free standing chandelier! love it.

dining room

new top down bottom up cordless cellular shade, totally energy efficient- along with hub's art on the wall (that wall is getting demo'd-knock er' down! stay tuned)

dining room

re-purposed cabinet- now side board

dining room

& picture frame, canvas collage on freshly painted wall with new baseboards!

The wall with the wood going bye bye. As we demo out the kitschy kitchen....going modern, with a free standing modular kitchen....OH SO excited. It's going to be a process of phases as I'm sure we'll hit some hiccups along the way...the joys of updating a 1950's home...the electrical, plumbing, flooring, tile removal,appliance replacement etc.etc!

Our basement is nearly finished! I'm wrapping up the painting tonight hopefully, but the 4th bedroom is completely framed out, drywalled, new carpet installed, baseboards and window moldings in...looks amazing! I'll post pictures soon. You can follow other progress pics on my Flickr.

Happy Tuesday.

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  • Elli D. on

    Very nice! I have to say that with these pics and personal stuff, the place looks like a real, cozy home. By the way, I really like the chairs in the dining room but I cannot quite tell what color are they exactly. Is it green or yellow?

  • michelle allen on

    Love it Tyler!!! I hope to see it in person one of these days. I especially love the art wall! :)

  • Lea on

    Tyler, I’m loving all your remodel pics! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • spindelmaker on

    It´s looking great. How much fun to create one own´s home! I didn´t know your husband was an artist too!

  • funderson on

    dig it!

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