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the library...

is cool. I think I forgot just how cool it was...Endless rows of books about anything and everything.

I've introduced Jackers to the library and he loves it. And I love that my whole pep talk about being "quiet" inside the library actually worked (o.k. there was a little bribing involved) hey- a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do...But now it's a regular after school thing for us. It's making my "read to Arlin" every day way more fun. The Seattle library check out limit is 50 books at one time-holy cow! that's a lot of books! So, I'm checking out at least one or two for each day of the week to read to Arlin before bed time. This week we've learned about bats, queen bees, squirrels...and lots more.

I checked out this book, lots of eye candy pics of mid-century architecture, art and music of the era too.

Had something delivered to the house...why do kids love boxes so much?

Jackers entertained himself by taking all the books out of his room and putting them into one of the big empty boxes...

I couldn't resist a picture...."Mom do wanna come read with me in my library?"

Why... Yes, I do!

"O.k. Mom....but Shhh! you have to be quiet!"

I couldn't fit 'in' the box (yes,I tried) I sat on the outside with a sharpie marker while the Captain gave detailed instructions to me for how he wanted his so called library designed...

Kids are fun. And I'm having fun making a connection with my guy through books.

Other news: I put a new floor in the basement bathroom, I'll try and get some good pics soon.

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  • abby jane

    glad you’re finding some good stuff at the library. i have at times had almost my full 50 books (and movies and cd’s) checked out from the library! love ya, thinking of you often lately

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