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bathroom facelift...

The pictures I promised forever ago. Hit some hicups getting the pedestal sink back in without it leaking. I hate being at the mercy of the help for any of my projects but the sucker was heavy to lift back into place. (And man moving a toilet is yuky work)




new bamboo flooring

new window framing

new floor and baseboards

New bamboo (like) flooring, new baseboards and window casings...wha-la. I'm proud to say I learned how to use  a miter box, hand saw....AND a nail gun!

The nail gun was my favorite. ya, I might have gone a little overboard practicing on the old baseboards...

there's like 10 pieces of wood nailed together in a huge bundle in the middle of the garage floor.

...the hub got a good chuckle out of it.

I'm even more proud that the whole little facelift was done for under $100! Can you believe it?

I'm totally obsessing with diy project books...I check out a handful every week at the library!


  • Arlin's Mimi

    Wow, I knew you were handy, but a nail gun. You will have to teach me!!! Get all the kinks out so you will be a pro when we need you. Love the modern look of the floor.

  • spindelmaker

    It looks good! I really like the flooring. And I admire your talent at fixing things yourself! You might have to teach me using the nail-gun, I´ve never tried that. Sounds fun, though! ;-)

  • abby jane

    nice work! i can’t wait until we have money to do our back bathroom. looks great

  • Erin leigh

    Tyler, I’m so completely impressed. And jealous. Are you kidding? You were born to use a nail gun:). And love the Olivia bag… so fun. i keep thinkign of making one of these. great inspiration…

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