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love life 2

Any of you remember this?

This was a couples engagement announcement given to me for inspiration to be recreated into a baby onesie, you can read the full story here.

This was my first interpretation for baby numero uno...a baby "boy"

Well....the proud parents have just been blessed with a baby "girl"!

And so, Love Life 2 is born...

Love Life 2

Love Life 2

the words Love, Life are hand painted on a 100% cotton canvas then appliqued onto the fabric design blocks- all freehand designed

Love Life 2

Love Life 2

Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Roxanne for allowing me to be a part of this process yet again, your repeat business is much have such fun projects for me :)


  • abby jane

    i think you’re getting more sophisticated :) good work

  • funderson

    Beyond-o cute! Also, I do not have a treadmill..just a gym membership. Sorry I’m no help in your treadmill search.

  • Erin Leigh

    Oh my Tyler… soooooooooooooo cute & cool! You are so talented. Love this design.

  • spindelmaker

    This is so beautiful, Tyler! What a wonderful idea!

  • Shelly Massey

    Tyler, I seriously love this so much I can hardly stand it. The colors, composition, those freaking adorable trees. So in love.

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