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demolition derby...

in the bathroom!

Remember I was explaining last week my dismay for ripping out the tile on the FLOOR in the upstairs guest bath???

When demo morphs....


Hey, I figured the dust this project was kicking up was already making me cranky...I might as well get er' done in one fell swoop.

So, with a sledge hammer I continued to knock out the tiled counter: remove the sinks, remove the counter top in one piece and demo'd out the vanity which was the only thing I couldn't manage to do on my own- man that baby was wedged in there!

Did demo stop there?

Nope.Went ahead and knocked out the 1950's linen closet that went all the way up to the ceiling too.

Very happy with how open the bathroom looks now...Before it was wood galore from the moment you walked through the door with cabinetry from the ceiling to the floor, the vanity I named "big kahuna"- it measured 82" long by 23" deep and 32" high! and that's not including the linen closet....We're putting in a floating vanity/wall mounted to create an open feeling, you'll be able to see all the new baseboards :)

That's it for the demo, in the bathroom anyways.


What I learned on this project;

  • Contract work is hard labor, but not just a "mans" job
  • how to cut and install drywall
  • how to patch holes in existing drywall
  • I look really strange with white hair (sanding drywall)
  • how to mix and pour a self leveler on top of new cement backer board floor (thanks Brian!)
  • I eat "man size" portions of food while doing demo-work
  • drywall mudding is like a fine art (maybe that's why I love it?!)
  • I can do anything...when there's a will there's a way- it just takes a little longer than planned!

More pics of progress....

hole the hub made while crow barring out the vanity...oops.
the hole all fixed up...a little drywall patching and skimming and lots of sanding...

where the linen closet new mudded drywall.

Stay tuned... there's never a dull moment round here!


  • abby jane

    i’ll be hitting you up when i’m lost after doing such to my bathroom!

  • spindelmaker

    You are one though woman! Maybe that´s part of why I like you :-)

  • Erin Leigh

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm… you rock! That’s all I can say. You are one brave, determined, motivated woman. I was impressed with a little tile rip out, I don’t even know what I am now. Can’t wait to see what you guys will do. You can do anything!

  • jenn

    This is so cool. And inspiring. Now I want to go home, find a sledgehammer and demo that green 50s tile out of our bathroom. Guess I should ask hubby first, right? Did you?

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