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a beautiful wedding...

We ventured North to the Davenport Hotel in Spokane WA this last weekend to attend my Uncle Roy and Vickie's wedding. It was a celebration all of us will remember... joyous and full of love!

The entrance to the Isabella Ballroom...where the magical wedding and reception took place.


...the hotel has history dating back to 1913 when it was first built. The Davenport was known for attracting distinguished guests from afar for quite a few years until under successive owners in the 50's and 60's era had taken over-leading service to decline, and sadly the doors closing in 1985. The threat of demolition hung over it for many years. Until an established developer of Spokane by the name of Walt Worthy purchased the hotel in 2000 beginning a $36 million dollar renovation restoring the beauty of this historical hotel.

View from the Mezzanine...remarkable woodwork through out the entire hotel...

Davenport Hotel

The Peacock Bar...a lounge just off the lobby had a breathtaking ceiling completely done in stain glass...I would die to have a ceiling like this in my house!!! (Abby J. -you would have loved this!)

Peacock Bar-Davenport Hotel

inside the ballroom...
The Isabella Room- Davenport Hotel

The Groom, Uncle Roy, giving Jackers a dry run on being the "ring bearer" (which panned out like any typical 3yr. old who's not in the mood... "I'm not your puppet Mama!" :(...)

Roy & Vickie's wedding

the beautiful wedding cake- both carrot cake and chocolate raspberry-yum!

the cake!

the stunning bride and groom...cutting their cake- they were very delicate in their cake exchange :)

Vickie & Roy

Mimi doing what grandma's do best.... letting him have cake after Mama & Papa said "No." that's o.k though....cause Mimi had to put Mr. Jackers down for nite nite! :) which I heard was no easy feat.


Me & Mom

Shhh! But of course a trip away from home wouldn't be complete without my infamous swan pose!

swan pose! inside the Davenport Hotel 3-5-11

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    Lovely! All of it…lovely.

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