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ARTFEST is almost here!

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I am feeling the excitement take over. I can't stop crafting, sewing, brainstorming, doodling......

bye bye house fixes-

ha I wish.

There were so many great choices for workshops this year, really it was a tough call and I oodle over a few but I felt a little more at ease picking my workshops this go around- partially because I kind of know what I'm getting into this year. I tried choosing workshops I could really see myself utilize the skills I learn after I get back home...

SO, my ARTFEST 2011 workshop line up....

drumroll please...

Thursday: Roxanne Padgett's "LUSH LAYERED CANVAS"

Roxanne's workshop details.....What I like to say when I paint is “start with a broom and end with a needle” meaning start big and go small, layer by layer. You will paint on canvas and various other surfaces to create unique beautiful pieces of art. We will create layers with collage, painting, stenciling, stamping, and printing. You will create your own stencils, printing plates and stamps to use on your canvas. Along with your personal projects, we will also be creating a large sized community canvas that everyone one will paint on and then we will cut the canvas for each person to receive a piece of at the end of class. I will bring all the paints and tools for you to use in class. You can use your canvas pieces at home for journals, sewing projects or framed art."

Friday: Michelle Allen's "WHAT"S YOUR STORY"

Michelle's workshops details...."We all have a story we want to share with the world and in this class you will be using mixed media galore to tell your fantastic story, complete with clever characters sheltered within a box!   We’ll explore an assortment of materials and techniques to bring your scene to life.  The emphasis will be on creating the characters of your tale and giving them personality through paper-clay sculpting. Join us to create your story where art and fairyland come together like ketchup and French fries!

Saturday: Andrew Dyrdahl's "Recycled FABRIC JOURNALS"

Andrew's workshop details: In this class we are going to be making freeform fabric cover journals out of recycled fabrics from cast off garments. This is a great way to give new life to something old that no one wants anymore. Our journals will be whimsical and they will have a wonderful soft cover that you will love to carry with you wherever go. They will have stitched in signatures of heavy watercolor paper suitable for painting, drawing and writing. We will work through the process of planning your journal, choosing your materials, layering of fabrics, stitching techniques (both machine & hand), coffee staining, embellishment, tearing and folding your journal pages, stitching your signatures into the cover and any final finishing. Except for the paper inside, this project is about recycling old garments that are damaged or no longer fit and pulling together supplies that you have had in your homes for far too long and finally using them to make something wonderful! (But if you do not have some of the items on the list – a quick trip to your local 2nd hand store can finish off your supply list.)

Super exciting. Have you ever been to Artfest? Is this something on your life to do list??? Tell me!

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  • Laura Spano on

    Hello- your blog is wonderful! I am here on the East Coast trying to live vicariously through blogs the 2011 Artfest, and that’s how I found you. Hope you are having a wonderful time in your classes and looking forward to see what you made.

  • Shelly Massey on

    It’s almost here!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you there! Gonna have so much fun! :) (Add a zillion more exclamation points to all of that and you’ll know about how excited I am.) Hugs! -Shelly

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