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my studio...

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It's coming along quite nicely.

at least I think so...

I'm getting comfortable, moving things around and organizing my "stuff"

dude- we crafters are darn near hoarders

or maybe it's just me?!

studio 01

I always see those all white studio spaces you know with everything perfectly tucked away in matching bins...And think, Wow how nice would that be!? to have one of "those" spaces....

then reality sets in that I'm a Mama of a 3 year old boy

and yeah...

all white, matching and tidy...

they don't live here.

studio 04
my sewing table...a hammy down desk from the hub...tucked under my 8 ft. work bench (a garage work bench) that I love!

studio 15

Say 'ello to my newest addition to the studio- my Mom's old Singer from the 70's...

she found out I was sewing paper and record covers on the Janome...and well, she didn't think that was exactly such a good idea. So she gifted me this guy.

Which is working out wonderfully.

studio 08

I just finished sewing these room divider panels this last weekend to hide the laundry area...and my glorious "stash"

my mountain o-fabric. haven't quite figured out how to organize that mess just yet.

oh, and all of my not so pretty plastic cart storage thingys...they're back there too.

studio 05

studio 02

Working madly on Artfest trades...details and pics coming. I have a few more to go. Then it's time to start baking some cookies to take with me! I am SO retardly excited for Artfest this year it's kinda funny.

For more pictures of my creative space you can see them here.



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  • Elysia on

    Wow so jealous! I wish I had that space but I’m so crammed into a little 1 bedroom that I just sold my microwave for more counter space… next off getting a smaller couch from a friend and slowly I will create more space to maybe be creative!

  • Kathleen at Twig and Thistle on

    Tyler, it was SO nice meeting you last night! What a cool space you have! I also have the same hoarding issue. I always think things will come in handy eventually so I can’t part with them. At least your space is well organized and cute! Well done!

  • Kaitlinmatt on

    I’m pretty sure my mom would cry of jealously if she saw these pictures ;)


  • michelle on

    your studio looks AWESOME tyler! no wonder you’ve been so creative lately. that space just looks completely inspiring. hope you and janne had a blast. sorry to miss out :(
    xo- m

  • Lea on

    I’d much rather have your studio than the all white with matching bins! SO awesome! Thanks for sharing. :) See you in a week!!

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