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Artfest Recap (part I)

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Another Artfest has come and gone!

I brought a good art friend (janne-spindlemaker from Norway) back home with me to stay for a few days. So, I've been a bit behind on photo uploading, hang tight...I'll probably be blogging about Artfest and my workshops over the next couple of days. It was great fun to have Janne meet my family and see my little creative space in my home and tour her a bit of Seattle.

I feel so fulfilled from this years Artfest experience...and I'm beyond inspired with a million different art ideas flying through my head. I'm blessed to have such awesome buddies to share these times with. I saw many familiar faces from last year and even got to meet some genuine new friends...

whom I miss already!


I was assigned the same dorm this year...225. This was the view out my dorm room window, looking east onto the Fort.IMG_4228

a picture of my dorm room...before my art supplies and clothes exploded in it. Thank goodness I don't have an after photo to share with'd be pretty embarrassing.


The endless stairs of dorm learn to love them. well maybe not love them...

But having this view from our dorms common area...which is absolutely beautiful...

makes those stairs all worth it.


The first morning of workshops I got up early and headed into town to find an ATM for my first workshop kit fee. I thought I was headed the right way until all the streets started looking not so familiar- nonetheless I stumbled on some cool photo op moments...


made me smile.

and this guy was about an arm's reach out my passenger window on the other side of me...


he didn't move an inch...while I snapped a handful of pictures, hopefully I didn't scare him too much.

Coming up first workshop recap- Roxanne Padgett's Lush Layered Canvas.


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  • jenn on

    That’s it. I’m coming next year. No excuses…..

  • michelle on

    awesome pictures!!!! i ONLY WISH you had a picture of your dorm room AFTER!!! haha! :)
    it was really good to catch up and visit with you. i can’t believe we live so close now and we still haven’t hooked up outside artfest. this year!!!

  • spindelmaker on

    Thanks for being such a good host and such a great arting-friend!
    I agree with Michelle, you should have an after-pic of the room . Ha, ha, ha…

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