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Artfest Workshop #1

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Thought I'd share what our Welcome to Artfest 2011 check-in gift was...

artfest 2011 check-in goodies...

I'll now be grocery shopping in style while sipping tea out of my new Artfest Forever it.

Whew, there are SO many pictures of Artfest I want to share with all of you, I'm about half way through uploading and tagging them all on Flickr...I managed to snap over 200 something pics! I'll start with my first workshop and throw in a few random photos at the end!

Thursday workshop: Roxanne Padgett's; "Lush Layered Canvas"

Roxanne is a fabulous teacher and I'd take her workshop again any day. She is booming with crafty ideas to make her own stencils and or crayon rubs out of just about anything she can get her hands on. I found her outside of the box thinking with recycling basically one mans trash into a tool to make kick butt art supplies totally refreshing (and made me realize I'm not the only one that saves take out food containers for arting!)


roxanne padgett's workshop

a little token from Roxanne- she gave each of us a piece of her's bright and fun (and already hanging up in my studio)

Roxanne Padgett

That's Roxanne in the middle showing one of her many techniques for layering backgrounds on canvas. As she says..."start by going big!! then make your layers smaller and smaller as you go through the process of adding your layers."

padgett's workshop

the workshop space was airy and bright and big enough for each of us to have our own table to spread and out and paint.

padgett's workshop

the beginning of my canvas. Roxanne started by giving us four different pieces of fabric to work with: a bottom weight twill, a natural linen, a colorful print (100% cotton) and a piece of canvas. I started all four pieces but kept coming back to the canvas piece...which I ended up finishing.

padgett's workshop

after randomly laying down gesso and 2 colors within nearby families on the color wheel  (turquoise and lime green) I started adding collage paper (a ripped up vintage silverware advertisement) and  glued them sporadically onto the canvas with a gel medium. Then added different crayon rub patterns in black...

After instruction from Roxanne on how to cut our own stencils from her handout drawings and a transparency I opted to give one of my own sketches a whirl and ended up cutting out a cut stencil

you can make a stencil out of anything really...and the more paint layers that you let dry on the paper or plastic cut out the stronger, longer the stencil will last.

hand cut stencil

my stencil put on canvas with a thick short bristled round tip stencil can also use a small foam roller for a more transparent look...

close up

I added more imagery to my top doing a crayon rub in black using a cardboard raven cut out I got as a trade from my new art buddy Elizabeth. (you can see a mug shot of us down below)

Here it is finished (I think) this whole process is fun and kind of hard to know when to stop!

tyler larsen...

But for now I'm happy with it.

And now for a look at my fellow workshop mates master's so fun to see how different everyone's is!

padgett's workshop

padgett's workshop

padgett's workshop

padgett's workshop

I envy the art-ers that can whip up four finished projects in one workshop...I'm not one of them. I can't be rushed (or feel rushed) when it comes to the process of making creative things...I'm always the last to clean up in a workshop and often missing lunch or dinner trying to finish something I've started. That's o.k. though....cause I'm loving every minute of taking my time, it's much different than creating in your studio at home.

Random Artfest photos:
artfest eye candy
me & elizabeth
photo courtesy:Janne
padgett's class...
Michelle Allen and Tammy McGee

Michelle and courtesy:Janne


Workshop #2 coming tomorrow!

If any of you out there have ever wanted to come to Artfest.......DO IT!!! Please feel free to ask me any questions about how awesome it is!



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  • michelle mcgee on

    Good information. Lucky me I reach on your web site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  • Tammy McGee on

    Your first class looked so cool!!! Love the colors you chose! Hope you are having a super week back!!! My brain is exploding with awesome ideas too. Now for the time to do them…LOL!!talk to you soon!! :o) Tam

  • spindelmaker on

    Your class looks like great fun, how nice to see some of the others´ work as well. Maybe we should paint our own camper next year. It´d be a fun arting-project ;-D

  • regina on

    Hi Tyler! SO fun meeting you. I have you on my feed reader list now so I can keep up with you as well. I love your adorable little baby clothes.

    This class looks so fun. I love anything with lots of layers of paint and collage. Yours turned out wonderful. Love that camera image. Thanks for taking us through the process. I may have to try it out some time.

  • Elysia on

    Yea!!! Can’t wait to hear inspiring stories!

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